Rock n Roll Philly Expo Review & runWestin Run Concierge Debut

For some reason, getting this race recap written up was as tough as the race itself. But here we go, starting with the expo!

Rock n Roll races have notoriously good expos (see my previous review here) and this one lived up to it. I actually went twice, and still walked out with only one purchase, but my visits were for two distinct reasons.

As I mentioned last week, the new runWestin Concierge debuted at RnR Philly.


Image from runWestin Concierge

After having the great pleasure of meeting Chris and the Starwood team in Chicago, I was excited to get to see them again, and even more excited that Chris was going to be interviewed on the stage on Saturday afternoon at the expo. Even though Karen and I weren’t planning to meet up for the expo until later, I headed over to say “hi” and hear Chris talk.

It was great! If you could pick someone who has all the things you’d want in a person to be at your hotel to help you through race weekend, Chris is the guy you’d find (or the guy Starwood would find, to be exact). On top of that, the Westin team supports his running knowledge and and bubbly personality (this is probably not something any guy wants to have his personality described as, but Chris, I mean it in the absolute nicest way possible), with all of the things you expect from Westin. The best part of the runWestin booth, other than Chris, of course, was the bath salts. They had little packets of Epsom salts that smell like a Westin. Pure heaven. If you’re running at one of the races where Chris will be this Fall, stop by and tell him I sent you!

When I met up with Karen and headed back over it was late in the day, but we both wanted to walk out with few purchases so it wasn’t a bad thing that some of the vendors had packed up. The Brooks Running gear made for the race was awesome, as usual, but we stayed strong. We came close to getting a few things, but in the end, neither of us really needed any new race gear other than running sunglasses, which we both got.

I’d always worn a visor or hat, but when I tried on the Maui Jim glasses, they were perfect. They are lightweight and tight to my head so they won’t fly off, and attractive so I don’t look like an alien.


They came with two cases, a hard one, and a soft one to keep them spiffy.


They also came with a handy holder just in case something happened to knock them off my face (which thankfully never happened, because I would assume it would mean something painful) but it was also helpful before and after the race so I didn’t have to hold my glasses.


They were a great purchase, and I’m so excited I don’t have to wear a hat every time its sunny when I run. I am not attractive in hats. Thy are always too big for my head.

What do you have a hard time saying no to at Expos?

Are you an Epsom bath person or an ice bath person?

Have you met Chris or will you be running any of the races he’ll be at?

Share your thoughts!

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