It’s official: I love shredding with Bobbi McCormick

A few weeks ago, I decided to take my “get stronger” goal seriously, and joined Bobbi McCormick’s Summer Shred Fall Edition. I think everyone in my social media life knew about it, but I didn’t tell anyone until after it was too late to sign up.

I’ve been excited about the changes I’ve seen in my body, including the ability to carry a large basket full of a very expensive Target trip from the garage, up the ramp, and upstairs to my apartment, without my arms falling off. I’ve only lost a few pounds, but have lost more than an inch on my waist, and I look forward to doing my full measurements again next weekend.

Others have noticed the non-physical changes, too. Although this last week I lacked energy broadly because of my race and a bad cold, I’ve had more energy overall, which is great!

The program comes with weekly workouts, meal plan, shopping list, and a private Facebook group to share successes, get support and even make some new friends. I mean no disrespect using this terminology, but it’s like Getting Fit for Dummies. A little Sunday food prep, and your week is ready to stay on track with awesome and delicious meals, snacks, and 30-45 minute workouts.

You can enjoy awesome meals like this Not-So-Fried Rice


Info on the next Shred isn’t up yet, but the basics won’t change, and you can join the October edition for only $30! Seriously, 4 weeks of workouts, meal plans, shopping lists, and awesome group support for $1.07 a day. I’m already signed up, so join me and get strong, improve your nutrition, and have fun getting ready for the holiday season (or maybe an important college reunion in which you’re hoping people don’t recognize you because you look so much better than you did 10 years ago)!

3 thoughts on “It’s official: I love shredding with Bobbi McCormick

    1. I’m a huge fan of sanity being added back to my life 🙂 and I am definitely not in beast mode yet. Last night’s windmill push-ups made me feel like a complete wimp. My arms were absolutely dead. I’m honestly scared of the extreme version of this!

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