Three on Thursday: I’ve been broken, but thankfully not literally

It’s time for another Three on Thursday, and yet I feel like it should be Saturday by now. This week has broken me. I’m stressed out, exhausted, and easily annoyed. None of this means good things for my training,

Three Things that make Me Happy
1) I get to see old friends this weekend, and will get to eat at one of my favorite places in Hartford (I just haven’t decided which one yet). I am driving to CT Friday night to attend an annual community service event on Saturday morning that some friends from work and I have done for the last 6 years. Afterward, we’re going to lunch before I drive back to Philly.

2) I got new booties, which are the best fall/winter work shoes ever. I am in love with them. Thank you Banana Republic and your overly aggressive sale pricing strategy.

3) I made protein bars from scratch for the first time this weekend. They are overly delicious, and I say that, because I’m drawn to then like cookies.

Three Areas of Focus
1) Going to bed earlier, and getting my workouts in before work. Work has been crazy, and I’m never getting home when I plan, meaning evening workouts are getting tough.

2) Take control of my happiness. When I get stressed out with work stuff, I tend to let myself go to an unhappy place. Right now, I’ve been there for like 2 weeks, and I’m starting to lose my sparkle.

3) Find some “me” time. I need a spa day. Seriously, a massage and mani pedi are beyond necessary within the week.

Three Accomplishments
1) Before going to business school, I read a book called Am-bitch-ous, which talked about women being seen as bitchy because they were confident in the work place. This week I had to have a few conversations that would probably earn me a spot in that book. For the smiley, friendly, overly peppy girl, this was the first time my new colleagues have seen this side of me.

2) I’ve still stuck to my clean eating plan. This is pretty huge, actually, and I’m proud to say I really wanted sugar when I left the office much later than planned, but didn’t grab a piece of candy off my assistant’s desk. Win.

3) I ordered a Road ID. A colleague had an accident while out for a run this weekend, and broke her jaw in 2 places, had surgery on Monday, and will have her jaw wired shut for a minimum of a few weeks. In addition to feeling horrible for her, because she is an amazing person, it also scared the crap out of me. So now I’ve got a Road ID on its way to give me peace of mind.

Your turn:
Tell me what makes you happy, area of focus and accomplishment for the week!

11 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: I’ve been broken, but thankfully not literally

  1. Hang in there, friend! I know it’s been a very busy few weeks for you. I’m glad you ordered a Road ID for your everyday safety and during races!
    Makes me happy- my fellow teachers, couldn’t get through a day without them!
    Area of focus- umm running? I need a life coach and running coach to keep me in line..
    Accomplishment- I successfully made an omlette the other day (this lets you know the extent of my cooking skills) πŸ™‚
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. jenereesa

    I agree – it should be Saturday already! This week is draggggging.

    I’ll be in your neck of the woods this weekend – we are going to Reading Terminal and then doing the Chocolate Tour. Woohoo!

    And oh my gosh – I’m so glad that your co-worker is okay! We are big fans of Road ID here in my house – need to get one for my dude.

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