Ghosts, Goals, and my Birthday Month

Strong September lived up to its name. I am almost in awe at what I accomplished this month.

Get Strong – As I mentioned last month, I did the In Her Shoes Summer Shred Fall Edition today. The concept: intense workouts and a focus on clean eating to fuel your body. The concept works! In the last month, I lost 3 pounds (a little more than 2% of my body weight), and 4 1/2 inches. And I gained 1/4 in my biceps 💪. I loved it so much, I signed up for this month’s Extreme Shred, and if this week’s workouts are any indication, I am going to be ripped by November.
Be Present – I’ve been so much better about this. I’m not perfect, but I’ve been better about focusing on what I need to accomplish. I’ve been leaving myself my little notes to remind myself what I need to focus on each day, and have my race countdown on my whiteboard on my office reminding me what I’m focused on outside of the office.
Work Hard – Could I have worked harder, yes. But did I hit my 2:30 half? Yes!!! Did I lose inches? Yes!!! I could not be happier with myself.
Have Fun – I definitely could have had more fun, but I went on a date (don’t ask), had some fun dinners with old colleagues, spent an awesome day giving back with my old team in Hartford, and did some group runs. Progress.

My old team and I packed up ~6,000 pound of fresh vegetables to be distributed to needy families in Hartford. It’s one of my favorite community service events every year, and it was worth driving 8 out of 24 hours.

Since I had such a successful September, am I satisfied? Absolutely not! October is going to be nuts, but I cannot wait. Big training, new races, 10 year college reunion and its my Birthday Month.

Stick with my training – I had such a successful month in September, and a huge part of it is that I was getting stronger. I need to really push myself in the Extreme Shred this month to get even stronger, making my 18 and 20 mile training runs not feel so bad.
Stay sane – This sounds like an obvious one, but with everything going on right now, I’m teetering on the brink of a meltdown if something falls. There’s no reason for this. Nothing I do is brain surgery, sometimes you have to reprioritize what is on your plate. And that is okay!

Look Back – I actually need to stop looking back at things I can’t change now, but instead I have 32 years of amazing things I need to look back on and remember how I became the person I am today. Today’s memory: I was always a kid who was as happy playing with friends as I was playing by myself. That was the beginning of me being a fiercely independent person who isn’t afraid to take big risks like picking up and moving to a new city for a job where you have no roots. I’m beyond proud of where this has taken me, but am also ready to start making some roots stick.

While it’s not really in October, since my birthday falls on the last day of the month, but the last year of my life has been tough. I’ve been through a lot, out myself through a lot, but I’ve also grown, a lot. I’m excited for my 34th year (is that right? If I’m turning 33, the next year is my 34th year, right?) and seeing what the fabulous, wonderful version of me grown into can do!

How did you do with your September goals?
What’s your biggest October goal?
Thoughts on my race outfit for November 3rd? Costume? Cute outfit? Black & orange?

2 thoughts on “Ghosts, Goals, and my Birthday Month

  1. GREAT job on your goals! You SHOULD be proud of yourself! Hmm… yes it is your 34th year. I had a hard time with Gentry’s baby books because her 1st month was really month 0. By the time I got to her 12th month, which should’ve been her last month, she was only 11 months… make sense?

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