Three on Thursday: Warning, Ms. Positivity has temporarily left the building

I’m not going to lie, this week I’m having a very hard time staying positive, so Three on Thursday might be a bit weak. I would apologize, but honestly, I’m too exhausted to care.

Three Things that make Me Happy
1) I am potentially inappropriately obsessed with PB2. I seriously ate it 3 times today, and loved every single but of it.

Image from

2) I had an awesome conversation with my boss’ boss today, but it also really stressed me out. I need to make some decisions about what I want to be when I grow up.

3) I am only 3 weeks away from seeing college friends I haven’t seen in 10 years. I am super excited.

Three Areas of Focus
1) Getting my butt out of bed and working out in the morning. The last 2 weeks have reminded me that evening workouts are a luxury and cannot be counted on. I haven’t walked in my door before 7 lately, and am beyond exhausted every single day. This cannot go on for much longer before I break down, or get sick.

Yeah, that about sums up my week.

2) Revisit my meal planning. I got too creative, and I think I’m eating more than I need to. I need to scale back, and refocus on fueling my body.

3) Put up some art! I’ve got some great stuff for my bare walls, and it will make my apartment feel more and more like home. This weekend I will get some put up or at least figure out what will go where. Then I can also finally get a little something from Ava + Liam

Three Accomplishments
1) I’ve been cooking more again, and coming up with new recipes. I love it. Cooking is my happy place.

2) I booked a specialized sports massage for Saturday at Phila Massages, and I cannot wait. I need this more than I can even put words together to explain.

3) Karen and I made it through our longest run ever: 15 miles. It actually felt really good, and I’m excited to run a half marathon as a training run this weekend. Just me, the trail, and the hundreds of other bikers and runners out.

Look how happy I was post-run!

Your turn: Tell me what makes you happy, area of focus and accomplishment for the week.
Also, best advice for getting workouts in before 6 am?!

9 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Warning, Ms. Positivity has temporarily left the building

  1. You are kicking butt over there!!! Don’t get all down and poopy for being tired, you kind of should be! Thanks for the plug πŸ™‚
    And to find out my roomie likes to cook? I could always see my family on holidays?? 😜

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Nicole πŸ™‚ its easy to get down about not feeling like the energizer bunny.

      And yes! Roomies loves to cook πŸ™‚ Brian could totally handle the kids on his own!

  2. What I have done & blog posts have suggested is to just sleep in your workout clothes so that there is no excuse on what to wear or find something to wear.All that you have to do is put on your shoes & go!

    Place you alarm so that you have to get up to turn it off, your up so you might as well get up. Set up 3 to 4 different alarms if needed.

    Wake up earlier gradually. Set your alarm 20-30 min ahead of what you get up now. Get up & go run. Gradually set your alarm further back until you are waking up at your goal time. At night gradually go to bed earlier until you have met your goal (easier said then done, I am terrible at going to bed early)

  3. Great piece. Try these two tricks to workout before 6 am, if you’re not already doing them:
    1) Set your entire workout outfit next to your bed before you fall asleep (your shoes, socks, everything.) You’re mentally preparing ahead of time so when the alarm goes off in the morning it will be more difficult to hit the snooze button because those clothes you set out the night before will be talking to you.
    2) Start small. Aim for a realistic goal of working out before 6 am. Maybe say “I will work out before 6 am 2 days this week.” Then win that challenge. Gradually progress your way up until working out before 6 am is simply a good habit.

    Keep it up, my friend. You’re doing great and to expect every week to be 100% positive may be naive. Focus on what you’re grateful for to keep it all in perspective.

    1. Great ideas, Chris! Thanks. I usually lay my stuff out, but I might need to leave it closer to my bed as a reminder. And setting a couple of days as goals is brilliant. I’m very much an all or nothing person, which is terrible, and something I’m working on, but a good reminder πŸ™‚

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