The Unplanned Weekend of Milestones

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I posted. A lot.

My weekend started with an easy 3 mile run Saturday morning, involved a ridiculously painful yet awesome runner specific deep tissue massage at PhilaMassages, and a shopping spree at Athleta.


The milestone of Saturday, other than learning that there are no less than 6 painful parts of my butt thanks to running, was that I wore running shorts for 3 miles. Average runner, not a big deal. I hate shorts. I hate everything about them. On me. And the only other time I’ve worn them running, I focused far too much on what I looked like. Saturday, I just ran. I don’t see myself running 10 or 15 miles in them, but my normal weekday runs, totally doable.

Sunday morning I had absolutely no motivation. It was humid, and I just needed some time to be lazy. I waited and waited, and finally set out with a plan of running 13.1 miles on my own. After starting out a little too fast, I felt really good. I just kept going, although I stopped to take a lot of pictures. The views were just gorgeous tonight, and little breaks helped me keep my legs loose, stay hydrated (it was nearly 80 with 60% humidity for most of my run) and take some Gu.

So the big milestones for Sunday:
– I used Gu for the first time, and my report: island fruits, not delicious. Mandarin Orange and Tri Berry, quite delicious, but because they were in my front pockets, they were a little warmer than I’d like. Next time, I’m freezing them.

– I also didn’t wear compression socks, and my calves didn’t burn like they normally do until near the end of my run. I’m thinking I may save them for recovery only or if its cold.

– I ran 13.1 miles, with no race course, no running buddy, and for much of the middle 6 miles, not many other people period. And I ran it in my 3rd fastest time ever. Between running 15 miles last weekend, and my shred workouts, my body truly is getting stronger. I’m excited to see what it can do next.

And I saw some fun stuff along my route:

Laurel Hill Cemetary

Clearing looking onto the river from Kelly Drive

Creek along Wissahickon Trail

Cute little house in Rittenhouse Village

Overall, it was an awesome weekend that gave me some new motivation:
Work Hard, See Results

Just think what I can do if I’m not missing workouts?!?!

What was on your weekend agenda?
What did you learn this weekend?
Am I the only person who really hates shorts?

9 thoughts on “The Unplanned Weekend of Milestones

  1. For years I avoided shorts. I just never felt comfortable. With how hot/humid it was this summer, I finally embraced shorts for my runs (including long runs). Also, I have that same Athleta jacket and it is awesome.

  2. jenereesa

    I’m not really a shorts fan either – they have to be the right shorts for me to be running in them (don’t ride up, are the right length, etc etc). Also, I’m not a fan of the fruity Gu. I can handle chocolate outrage, vanilla, peanut butter.

      1. jenereesa

        I haven’t found any shorts that I adore although I do like the Lululemon Pace Setter skirt because it has this little band that makes them not ride up.

      2. jenereesa

        I agree! I’d totally buy shorts if they stayed put. Riding up and skin rubbing is not my idea of a good time!

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