Three on Thursday: It might be raining, but it’s a whole lot sunnier over here!

Happy times are back! Apologies for being Debbie Downer last week.


Three Things that make Me Happy
1) I’ve been doing some shopping lately, knowing the fall and winter running seasons are upon is. I got some new Athleta capris and reflective running jacket, some amazing Oiselle stuff (although truth be told, the Lesley Knickers are going back. Not attractive on my body type), and my PR shoes (the shoes I said I could get if I PR’d) finally arrived. I am pumped to try them out. Even if its raining!


2) It’s my birthday month, and on the weekends surrounding my birthday I’ll be with my college friends at our 10 year college reunion, and then will be in Arizona with my long lost family, The Cookies. After a few years of underwhelming birthdays, I’m not letting this one slide by.

3) This happened. And yes, those are pantyhose. Control top to be exact, but focus on the fact that my favorite work skirt is now too big. Mileage and the Shreds are working!!!

Three Areas of Focus
1) Figure out why I’m so tired. We’re going on week 3 of being exhausted mentally and physically. There’s not a lot of hours left for me to add to sleep time, and I’m eating clean.

2) Separation of church and state. Ok, not really, but I just got some big new responsibilities at work, and while I’m there I need to be completely focused on them. This means Twitter will be once voice quieter during the day.

3) Drop of my pile of donations. Several times a year I go through my belongings and donate things I no longer wear, want, or just don’t have space for anymore. When I moved in, I found a lot of things I didn’t need or want anymore, and they’ve been sitting in my entryway since August.

Three Accomplishments
1) I ran 13.1 miles on Sunday evening. Not in a race. Not with a running group. Not even with Karen. All on my own, and it was fantastic!

2) I’ve been super run down because I’m exhausted, and instead of fighting through an hour of workouts when I got home from work, which would keep me up late again, I made the decision to give my body a rest day.

3) Even traveling, I got in my workouts for Monday and Tuesday. I’m still feeling the DOMS to prove it!

Your turn: Tell me what makes you happy, area of focus and accomplishment for the week.
Any thoughts on my exhaustion?
What had been your most fun birthday in recent years? Why?

6 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: It might be raining, but it’s a whole lot sunnier over here!

  1. Yay for PR shoes! I need to do that! And maybe you’re having a thyroid issue? I’ve had a few friends discover that recently? Or it could just be work, running, the shred program- all adding up? Rest this weekend since you rocked another half marathon Sunday!

    1. Just had my thyroid tested about 6 weeks ago and it was normal. But good thought! I think its probably just so much stuff going on, and I could probably use some more iron in my diet.

    1. I’m sleeping like a rock, which is why I’m so confused. Stress isn’t any more than normal either. I’m going to keep trying small changes and see what works.

      And yay, we’re shoe buddies! I really like them. I’m excited to get them fully broken in 🙂

  2. I’ve been tired since September (first marathon), I’m trying liquid vitamin B complex daily and iron pills. We’ll see! I should also eat better and work out more but that my dear is another story.

    Is it wrong just to be hoping to make it through the week with no major calamities?!

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