Inspiration & Motivation

I’m writing this in the last hour of a 5 hour flight from Philly to Phoenix to meet up with the Cookies and run my 4th half for the year. This, in and of itself, should have been inspiration for at least a few blog posts, but as soon as I got into my seat, I had absolutely no motivation to write.

This is also how I’ve been feeling about my workouts for the last week or so. They felt like chores, and I gave myself a few too many rest days to work through it, and finally got my mojo back on my birthday run Thursday morning. After sleeping, playing a few games of sudoku, lots of Spell Tower, I decided to read some chapters from Milemarkers. Suddenly, I got ideas for no less than 5 blog posts (hopefully I remember them all to at least get them started), and felt compelled to write.

My life through the end of the year, although actually through Disney Marathon weekend, is going to be nuts. I finally told my mom yesterday I’m not coming home for Thanksgiving, for no other reason than I need those few days to decompress in the middle of multi-city travel weeks. If I’m going to make it through this without giving up on training, on eating clean, and being happy, I’m going to need some serious inspiration and motivation.

It will be me and this dog, traveling back and forth from Connecticut, to various parts of Pennsylvania.
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I have a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration and motivation, find myself writing random quotes down when I run across one that speaks to me, but rarely do they have the effect of changing my behaviors or attitudes in the way truly inspirational and motivational things should.

So where does that leave me? It means I need to dedicate time and mind space to being inspired and motivated. It means, as Kristin Armstrong worded it, I need to be setting my intention for my day, my workout, my workday, and anything else where I’m just going through the motions. This intention can be something I need to focus on for that period of time, it could be focusing on someone or something that is motivational or inspiring, it could just be a quote or a single word that will guide me through.

So while I have lots of goals for November, my only real goal is to seek inspiration and motivation, whether internal or external, to drive my life. If I do this, everything else will fall in line.

What inspires or motivates you?
Does November mark the beginning of extra craziness for you?
What is your single most important goal this month?

8 thoughts on “Inspiration & Motivation

  1. Congrats on your 4th! My motivation comes from Little and the Mister. Little is 6, I’m 43 … I would like to be around to see him grow into an amazing human.

    November is a little laid back for me, our Thanksgiving was in October but I do need to get busy shopping for Christmas. I always leave it to the last minute and swear every year I will get it done earlier.

    1. Thank you!

      That is awesome motivation! Enjoy every minute of it!

      Yeah, I need to get my gift lists made, if nothing else, in the next week or so, so that I an keep my eyes out for the right stuff. Good luck 🙂

  2. November is the beginning of holiday craziness. My goals for the next two months are to stay motivated and stay focused. I’m motivated by earning the title “Marathoner”. I know that the race will be difficult at times but I also know that it’s the culmination of all our training- hardwork and sweat. We can do this!!

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