November Goals: Giving Thanks and Getting Strength

October’s craziness is bleeding straight through until December, so I’m a few days late with my October recap and November goals. I hope you’ll forgive me! Also, I’m having some picture transfer issues, so my race recap will be up later this week.

Looking back on October Goals
Stick with my training – I am always honest, probably too much so, on my blog. I did a great job with my training runs, and have been better about getting my butt up early to get those runs in, but I’ve completely fallen off the strength wagon.

Stay sane – It’s amazing how getting my early morning runs in and reconnecting with old friends can completely change my outlook. I had forgotten I was afraid I was going to lose control of my life in October, because I was having so much fun.

Look Back – This has been an easy one. I’ve had lots of opportunities to share my struggles and triumphs this month, and it helped me remember everything I’ve given, done, and struggled with to get where I am today. I still have my days where I wonder “what if” or “why”, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m happy with who I am because of what I’ve experienced.

November Goals
Get Strong – Yes, it’s on here again. I did very few of the Extreme Shred workouts, but have signed up for the Holiday Shred with Bobbi McCormick, which starts November 17th and runs past Christmas. I’m planning to do 3-4 runs and 3-4 Shred workouts a week, since Disney is less than 80 days away. Until that starts, I’m going back to the first Shred to start from scratch. I’m also doing Monica’s Pile on the Miles challenge to keep me accountable. While my goals are a combo of miles & minutes, I’m assured that’s acceptable.
Be Thankful – I’m counting my blessings for each day of the month, after getting inspired by Cori, and it’s been wonderful. Beyond that, I’m trying to actually thank the people who I should be thanking. Friends, family, mentors, bloggers & followers. Lots of people have helped me, supported me, been there for me, guided me, and loved me. It’s time to take time to say “thank you”.

Get Settled – I have a handful of things left to do in my apartment that will allow me to stop feeling like I can just drop things, and be disorganized. This inevitably means my life easily feels out of control. I’m not traveling for Thanksgiving with the sole plan of getting things set up and orderly. I need this. Desperately.
Be Inspired & Motivated I wrote about this over the weekend and am convinced this is my penultimate goal for the month. While Giving Thanks is a big one, it all rolls into being inspired and motivated. If I’m inspired by someone or motivated by something, it’s through someone else. Think Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

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What are you thankful for today?
What’s your motivation this month?
What’s something you should have done months ago, but haven’t?

3 thoughts on “November Goals: Giving Thanks and Getting Strength

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  2. Great post! I love Cori’s printable: making sure to take time out to count your blessings is a great goal to set for yourself! My goal this month is to transfer my blog over to a self-hosted platform.

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