How many miles is a 12K? The WHYY Y12K Race Review, and my RockMyRun giveaway?

As I mentioned in this week’s Three on Thursday, I ran a 12K on Saturday morning. As every runner knows, one of the easiest ways to know a non-runner is when they ask you how long a half marathon or marathon is, but seriously, without looking it up how far is a 12K?

As soon as I got close to the race start, I knew I was going to like this race. There was an area for kids crafts, jump rope and hula hoops, and Elmo and Cookie Monster were entertaining kids while their parents warmed up.


Bib retrieval was easy, and a small bag check area was perfect since it was in the upper 30s and I wore a fleece to walk over. I gear checked, and warmed up a bit before starting my RockMyRun mix as everyone was lining up.


The course was an almost perfectly flat out and back along the Schuylkill River along MLK Drive. Like other roads along this river, there are lots of areas where the road slants so much, you are actually leaning. Terrible on the legs, by the way, just terrible.

Around mile 2, I started talking with a women who seemed to be running my pace, and we chatted the rest of the race. It was nice to have someone to pace with, and get to know while running. Since Karen was off playing with Minnie, it was nice to have someone else there. She gave me her number after we finished, and I’m excited to have another running friend!

Within the first mile, I made a decision to use this as a test on my body. Last weekend’s half made me realize I’m stronger than I think, and I wanted to see what I could do. So after a few 30 second walks in the first mile to stretch my legs out (my legs were tiiiiiiight) I decided to run the rest of it. No walk breaks, and no stopping.

When I started running with Megan, I knew I could make it happen, and it was her furthest run, ever, so we were determined to run it all.

I was excited to finish it with no other walk breaks, at a pace of 11:03. For the first time in 2 years, I ran more than 5 miles without using the run/walk method. 7.45 miles to be exact (a 12K is 7.45 miles), although my Garmin told me it was 7.53 miles.

They had lots of water, Kind bars, Muscle Milk, Cabot Cheese (both milk products that I turned down) and a fresh made oat bar by a local business at the end of the race. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks delicious.

My body is very sore and tired. The combination of being 6 days out from a half marathon PR, running on slants roads, and running my furthest distance in my Pure Cadence, all combined to wear me out. Thankfully, I’d already booked a runner massage at PhilaMassages for that afternoon, so I was able to get some relief.

So, with this new milestone in my running, I’m reminding you to go enter my RockMyRun giveaway! It will power you through a run of any length, and keep rocking to the finish line of any race.

My Giveaway
Since I got my shiny new PR last weekend, it’s only fair to share one of the things that helped make it happen.
RockMyRun is The Best Running Music in the World (TM). Seriously, it is. I started using their free mixes a few months ago, and realized it was so much better than creating playlists, and then I tried the premium mixes. Run changing! They’ve taken the best combination of songs, used only the best parts, and mash them together. It got me a PR dance party, what can it do for you?

RockMyRun’s Chief Rocker, Adam, agreed I should share the wealth, and is giving one lucky reader a 3 month subscription to RockMyRun, so you can enjoy unlimited mixes to rock your way through Turkey Trots, Running of the Santas, or just running off some holiday treats.

You can enter my Giveaway here!

What fictional character would you like to see at a race?
Have you ever made a new friend at a race?
How did you last test your body?

10 thoughts on “How many miles is a 12K? The WHYY Y12K Race Review, and my RockMyRun giveaway?

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  2. My last test was the 10k race I ran last weekend. It was so hilly I thought I would never run downhill at any point but I ran all of the hills without walking and I felt like I had conquered the world!

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