Philly, can you hear me?!

This weekend is Philly Marathon weekend, and I could only be more excited if I were actually running it.

I know what you’re thinking, “wait you’re writing a post about a race you’re not even running?”, and yes. But I have a good reason:


No, I will not be donning my old MHS cheering uniform (I went to a public school, someone else wore that thing for years after I graduated), but I will be cheering my heart out for all the runners. My plan is to be with the Lululemon cheer station which will be out in East Falls, near miles 17 and 22. Apparently, this is the cheer station to be part of, so I’m excited. I am, however, staying near the start line to cheer on a few folks before I head out that way.

So, who’s running? Who wants a sign made for them? Who just wants me to yell super loud? Any other requests? I’m here. To cheer. For you.

Are you running the Philly Marathon this weekend?
Have you ever been part of an official cheer station?
What’s the best sign you’ve ever seen at a race?

7 thoughts on “Philly, can you hear me?!

  1. The Lulu cheer station was awesome last year! One thing I did notice was that by the time us back of the packers made it to mile 23, everyone had left. 😦 made for a very quiet course during a tough stage of the race. Have fun cheering!

    1. I was wondering about that, since they said it was running until 11… I’ll stick around. I’d be at the back of the pack and would want cheerleaders 🙂

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