Putting it Out There: My Holiday Shred Goals

I’ve always been completely open and honest on my blog. I pride myself on it, partially because the idea of lying or keeping anything from my readers seems silly. I don’t even know most of you in “real life” but also because I’d really only be lying to myself.

With that, I’m sharing my goals for Bobbi McCormick’s Holiday Shred:


In the last month I’ve let my busy schedule get the best of me, and clean eating & non-running workouts went out the door. I need to refocus on losing the few pounds I out back on, getting stronger, and fueling my body to perform not just in races, but in life.

I’m ready to take on this 6 week challenge, through the holidays, knowing I won’t be perfect, but ensuring I plan my “cheats” and not go overboard. I’ll be adding another DietBet through the first 4 weeks of this to keep me even more accountable , even though Bobbi’s plan is not focused on losing, but maintaining instead of gaining. With marathon training in full swing, this won’t be easy, but I need to stick to it.

So help me! Ask how it’s going, if you’re doing it, let’s share (especially if we’re not all in the same FB group) and if you’re not, choose your own challenge to join in the holiday fun.

Do you have any holiday season goals?
What’s your biggest holiday food weakness?
Do you move your workouts inside or stay outside during the holidays?

9 thoughts on “Putting it Out There: My Holiday Shred Goals

  1. I always have goals. Goals keep me motivated. I make my goals short term and long term.
    One of my long term goals was to run 1000km in 2013. I’m 8.5km away from achieving this goal (basically my next long run).
    My current short goals, are doing round 2 of whole30 and tribesports weekly challenges which keep me motivated.
    Keep it up.

  2. ari @ whatarisaid

    Woot woot, great goals, I was debating joining the runner’s world running streak this holiday season to help make sure any indulging doesn’t completely ruin my weight loss. Maybe that’s an idea for you too?

  3. I need to get back on track with the cleaner eating, too, and would like to see a loss of about 6 lbs during this Shred. Maybe I’ll have to join another DietBet…oh, and get caught up on my photo of the day and posting my goals!!

  4. jenereesa

    Great goals! I feel like I need to jump in on this and make some of my own – my eating has been atrocious lately and I’m definitely feeling the extra weight. I don’t want to tank over November/December – need to put a plan into action!

  5. Your weight loss goal is exactly the same as mine, that’s funny. We’re going to kill it 🙂

    Good luck with everything, I kicked the DietBet off this morning with a banana…

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