Sharing the love of Running: Giving Thanks to Running & Runners

I love running. This is the first year, where from the very beginning, I’ve been able to say that. It’s my happy place, my therapist, my meditation, and my confidence boost.

Although I’ve been blogging since February, it’s only been within the last few months that I’ve started sharing my blog posts with my friends and family. I had wanted to keep it fairly separate, but after realizing my friends actually read it, decided to more openly share it on my personal Facebook page. I’ve shared recipes, running stories, and even convinced someone to join the Holiday Shred (Lisa, do you hate me yet?), and have reconnected with people because of it.

Monday, when I revealed my ChallengeLoop with Karen for the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak, the first several people to sign up were my friends. While I love my Twitter and blog run family, I’m beyond excited to share running with friends who remember me from college parties more than the student gym.

So a day before Thanksgiving, I’m following in Ashley’s lead and sharing some thanks for running:


I love that I cans share a new love of my own with friends who have run since we first met, some 10, 12, 14 years ago, while others are still finding their spark with it.

What running thanks do you have this year?
Do you share running with friends who knew you before you became a runner?
Are you Streaking with us?

13 thoughts on “Sharing the love of Running: Giving Thanks to Running & Runners

  1. While none of my pre-running friends are runners (yet!), one of them just signed up for her first Warrior Dash, which we will be doing together. I’m excited and hope she falls in love with it as much as I love it!

    I’m definitely thankful for running because of 1) the new friends I’ve made because of it 2) the energy it gives me and 3) it has shown me I’m capable of so much more than even I thought was possible.

  2. I tend to share a lot about running on Facebook, but I haven’t really shared my blog on my personal page (I don’t know why). Now whenI see some of my friends, the first thing the ask is what races I have coming up. I’m still on the fence about streaking, I’ve never tried it before but it looks like fun!

    1. I definitely didn’t share for a whle, not knowing what the response would be. And then I realized there will always be someone who makes a snide comment, gets annoyed by it, etc, but if I can motivate others with my stories, then I’ve accomplished my goal 🙂

      And you should definitely Streak with us!!!

  3. I am thankful for running friends! I love the motivation, encouragement and support that comes from my Twitter and blog friends. I am also thankful for real life running friends, without whom I would not be able to train or run the marathon! 🙂

  4. jenereesa

    I’m thankful today, and every day, that I’m able to run. I’ve had some injuries this year with running, ones that put me on the sidelines for months at a time. It just reminds me that I really DO enjoy this and not to take it for granted.

    I share my running and my blog with all my friends. I try not to post about running too much on Facebook though because I know that it can be overwhelming, especially for those who don’t run. So I post about big things and hope that if there is an interest, people will wander over to the blog. 😉

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