Counting my Blessings

I’ve said it about a million times, but it’s been a tough, weird year. There have been a number of times that counting my sorrows has been much easier than counting my blessings, and the last couple of weeks have felt like a big test, which I have possibly failed.

Every night, however, I curled up in bed (more often a hotel bed than my own) looked at my workouts for the next day, and wrote down my blessing for the day. Cori over at Olive to Run started a blessing and linkup challenge leading up to Thanksgiving. Knowing this month was going to be rough, I knew this would keep me from completely drowning in my sorrows.

I decided to use my training journal to write mine down and also force me to stay on track with my workouts. Here’s my complete journal for my 28 days of blessings:


Here are a few highlights:

Old and new friends that make me smile. The challenge started the day after my birthday, so I was definitely riding the birthday high, but I mentioned friends at least 6 times throughout this challenge, so not a fluke.
Having the ability to travel. Even though traveling for work regularly gets tiring, it affords me the ability to travel for fun. This year I’ve learned to love traveling alone, and runcations. I’m plotting out 2014, and while I’d love some travel buddies, I’m willing to do it alone again πŸ˜ƒ
Amazing former bosses who have become good friends. I’ve worked with some really amazing people, and am lucky enough to be able to call them friends now. They’re brilliant, nice, but can be brutally honest with me on both personal and professional items. I wouldn’t trade the crazy hours I worked when I worked for them for anything and look forward to getting to work for them again someday.
My social media family. I say family for a reason. You all have quickly become such a huge part of my life, I couldn’t imagine not having you part of it. Thank you for being supportive, motivating, inspiring, and just awesome.
My family. I’m not super close with my family, but it’s because they taught me to be independent that I’ve been able to do the amazing things I’ve done. I am excited to see some over Christmas and some at Disney for marathon weekend.
Finding running. Running is my therapy, my meditation, my outlet. Without it, I am not sure I could have survived this year.
Karen. My best running friend, and simply my friend. I could not imagine a better person to take on the challenge of my first 26.2, and some days could not make it through even a few miles, let alone 20.
Pushing myself. I’m excited to see how I’m progressing, even while knowing I need and want to push harder. I’ve learned to embrace the uncomfortable, while knowing my limits.

I’ve loved doing this each day, and may continue to do it every day. What better way to look back at the day while looking forward to tomorrow.

What were some of your Thanksgiving blessings?
There were some silly ones mixed in (having status on my usual airline, because it makes my life happier), do you have a silly blessing?
How was your Thanksgiving?

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