Winter Weather Advisory: Flight Delays, Wine Bars, and Winter Training Options

As I write this, I’m drinking too much wine in an airport bar, on my second work trip of the week, because my flight was one of about 100 that were cancelled due to air congestion.

“What does this have to do with running” you might ask. Hang tight. I’ll get there.

The last couple of months have been beyond hectic for me. I haven’t been in a single city for an entire week since early October. I live in a constant state of quasi-packed, which leaves my apartment in a state of disarray on a regular basis. It leaves my body in a constant state of hyper-sensitivity because it can’t get used to an environment. And it leaves my brain and soul thinking I might be a gypsy.

I left the office early this afternoon, with the plan of making a couple of work calls at the airport before my flight, only to find my flight had been cancelled when I got to the airport. After 30 minutes with my company’s travel vendor, and several conversations with Craig from US Air, I was basically told, there’s a slim chance I’m getting home tonight. There were no fewer than 35 different things that could have gone better in this situation (note: the last train that can get you from Hartford to Philly on a Friday leaves at 4:42. I learned this at 4:45).

I was beyond annoyed. I’m supposed to run the Ugly Sweater 5k with friends, including Meredith from Scoot a Doot. There’s a good chance I’m not making it home for this. I’m bummed. I had an awesome ugly outfit. So awesome, I might just wear it for a random run if I don’t make the race.

But here’s the thing: I can’t change anything in this situation. So why freak out? Instead I drink wine and eat hummus from a plastic container.


The same goes for running, especially in the winter. Places around the country are dealing with abnormal weather this week. Races have been cancelled (Sorry, Dallas Marathon hopefuls), others could be cancelled tomorrow morning. You might be faced with unpleasant running conditions, especially if you don’t normally get winter weather. But the running goes on, or it doesn’t.

Staying flexible with your training, adjusting mileage, run vs rest days, or adding some new cross-training to your routine can keep you on track, sane, and happier through the winter. My friend Chris, the RunWestin Concierge, did a great post earlier this week about what to do during the”off season”. While I’m convinced he purposely left things out to start discussion, he makes a good point: Not running a ton, if you’re not running a winter race, is a great option that will have your body and mind fresh for spring race training.

I don’t suggest giving up a run to drink wine and eat hummus, but if you’re stuck in an airport on a Friday night, go for it.

Recent bad travel experience?
What’s your winter training plan?
Have you connected with Chris on social media? He’s pretty awesome.

7 thoughts on “Winter Weather Advisory: Flight Delays, Wine Bars, and Winter Training Options

  1. jenereesa

    I’m SO happy that you were able to get home. And also that you were safe and sound after your long run today in the blizzard-like conditions.

    I was working on my post about the Ugly Sweater Run for tomorrow but got distracted when I remembered that you said you blogged. Do you get to stay local for a bit? Also, I vote that we wear our outfits AGAIN and run together. That’s normal, right?

    1. I’m so happy too! I second your vote to wear our outfits and run together again ๐Ÿ™‚ or other outfits and run together again. It was a blast.

      I have to travel again this week, back to CT, but this one is more exciting. I’m getting an award ๐Ÿ™‚ And I get to take the corporate jet home ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. jenereesa

        YES. Let’s do that! Preferably not in the snow though – you looked so not happy yesterday.

        AN AWARD! CORPORATE JET! That is awesome!!! Congrats!

  2. Happy to hear that you made it home! No recent travel experiences gone wrong in the airport but remember when my hotel was closed due to the fire in Yosemite? I freaked for about 20 minutes then went into “fix it” mode and all worked out ๐Ÿ™‚
    Staying flexible is key…my dads motto is “high flex” he has been telling us this since we were kids and I even had him a shirt made that says that :p
    Gotta got with the flow…er weather, travel conditions, etc.
    Have a fun race today! Sorry I can’t be there with you ladies xo

  3. I took the bus recently to a marathon. It was actually, other than other riders complaining about things, a fairly seamless experience for me. Others, not so much. There was at least one, if not more, people behind the last person with a seat on the first bus. And, when I switched buses in NYC, there were people waiting for the 7:15 that had not been able to get on the 6:30 due to not enough seats.

    I run all winter. I keep telling myself I am still in recovery from that November marathon but training for March must start. I am working on that plan this weekend.

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