My Year in Running – 2013

Clearly I’m about the 147,689th person to do one of these, but as I’ve mentioned before, this blog started as a way to keep myself accountable, so I sometimes don’t care if I’m doing what everyone else is doing. If I think its a great thing, or like the way someone has done something, I’m going to do it.

Nicolasa over at Shoelaces and Bibs posted about this earlier in the month, and I knew I wanted in.

Then I saw that Amanda (Miss Zippy) had done a different one, so I’m merging them.

2013 was the year of 2 moves, 1 life-altering break-up, and the year I fell in love with running.

1. My main goal for this 2013 was: To PR in the half-marathon. I did it twice!
Rock n Roll Philly and Women’s Running Series Scottsdale


2. My Running Shoes: I’ve had a lot this year: Brooks Adrenaline 12’s, 4 pair of Brooks Ravenna 4’s, a pair of Pure Cadence 2s, and my new Mizuno Wave Sayonaras.

3. Favorite running gear item of 2013: The Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt. I bought my first one in April, and have acquired a few more over the course of the year. I’m obsessed with these skirts.

As demonstrated by my race choice vote in November, with 4 of them as options

4. Playlist screenshot:

I am exclusively a RockMyRun girl now. They have mixes for every mood, every type of run, and I can save my time for other things, like blogging. A few favorites, Fit to Fight, Mullets and Miles, and the 2 hour half marathon mix.

5. Number of races: Break it down:
5k – 2 fun ones – a Color Run and Ugly Sweater run, and a NYE Midnight Run planned
10k – 2 (my first 2 ever) Soles for Souls in a small town in Alabama, and the Runner’s World Festival 10K
Half – 4 – RnR Nashville, RnR Chicago, RnR Philly and WRS Scottsdale
Other: 12k – Y12k in Philly, 18 miler – LBI, 5 mile Turkey Trot – Fairmount Park

6. Most difficult race and why: RnR Chicago. I wanted a PR in this race so badly. I had worked hard, I was pumped about the race, I was ready for it. But at mile 10 the hot summer sun was too much and I had to slow way down. I missed a PR by 2 minutes.

7. Favorite fun run: Ugly Sweater Run. It was such a fun environment, despite being outrageously cold. And (the best part) I got to finally meet Mer from Scoot a Doot. She is even more awesome in person. I cannot wait to run with her again.

8. Favorite course: Tie between WRS Scottsdale which had gorgeous desert views and RnR Nashville which takes you through some really fun parts of Nashville. It was pouring in Nashville, and it was still awesome.

9. Race I want to do again next year: Y12K. Its a small local race that all proceeds go to the local PBS station. It was fun, and a super flat course.

10. Best bling/shirt from a race: I love my WRS Scottsdale medal. Its big, gorgeous, and a reminder of my PR to beat πŸ™‚

11. PR/PB: WRS Scottsdale 2:29

12. Longest run: 20 miles (doing another 20 miler this weekend)

13. Out of state runs: Too many to count. I’ve decided most vacations from now on will be racecations, but I travel a ton for work, so I’m running out of state at least monthly.

14. Total miles ran: I did not track consistently this year (used several different tools, lost a Garmin, etc) so I think to date, I’m somewhere in the range of 600-700.

15. Favorite motivational/inspirational quote of 2013: “Remember you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” – Pooh Bear

16. Lessons I’ve learned: Give it time. This applies to basically everything. You aren’t going to be able to go further or faster overnight. The first mile will always be terrible. Be patient with aches or illness. It will all be fine if you give it time.

17. Injuries I battled and overcame: I’m constantly fighting my right IT Band. It stretches up into my abs & back some days, and down into my plantar fascia on others.

18. 3-5 Most inspiring people: List their blog, twitter or instagram-wherever you follow them:
– Abby from @Abby_NYC and Run Stronger Everyday.
– Emma from @amomruns and A Mom Runs This Town.
– Katie from @momslrb and Mom’s Little Running Buddies.

19. Favorite place on social media to connect with runners: Twitter. Hands down. I love IG, but I connect better and with more people on Twitter.

20. 2 goals for next year: Get stronger & faster. I’ve got more specific goals, but am not parting with them yet!

21. Best race experience: Runner’s World Festival 10K

22. Best run: 8 miles after work the evening after the Boston Marathon bombings. I needed to run that day, and just kept going. It was one of the most cleansing runs I’ve ever done.

23. Best new piece of gear: Just one?! My Camelbak. Getting one for long runs was the best idea ever.

24. Best piece of running advice you received: Run each mile as just that.

25. If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? I found me.

What was your favorite run (training or race)?
What’s your favorite new piece of gear?
Favorite motivational/inspirational words or quote?

18 thoughts on “My Year in Running – 2013

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    1. I love it! And when did you have time to sleep if you ran 28 traces and had to change shoes so often?!

      In all seriousness, that is amazing! I’m so looking forward to meeting you in a few days!!!

  2. What a great break down! I’m so glad I’m finally able to read and enjoy this! Thank you for linking up. I love your lesson learned. It is true…. time can help a lot of things. Love your favorite bling! It’s so big and blingy!

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  4. I love your list! What an awesome year. And you’re starting 2014 off with a bang! How did I just figure out you’re coming to FL?

    My favorite race this year was Wine and Dine, because it was my first half post-baby, and I got to hang with friends and run with Vic.

    The pacesetter skirt rocks!

  5. Favorite race: Gray Ghost 5k – I LOVE Halloween themed races and seeing all of the costumes on both participants and spectators was awesome.
    Favorite new gear: Soleus Fit 1.0 GPS watch – it’s my first GPS running watch!
    Motivational quote: “Enjoy the journey” and “Invest in experiences, not things.”

  6. I love Twitter, too, no doubt about it. And I think it’s just awesome that you get to run so many places, whether for work travel or racecations. Fun way to see the world!

    Thanks for linking in.

  7. kristenk

    It sounds like you had an awesome year! I think I’m going to do one of these next week when I have a bit more time – thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love this! It has been an awesome year for you and I’m excited for everything that 2014 will bring πŸ™‚
    Favorite run- down the shore (of course)
    Favorite piece of gear- tie between my Garmin 610 and Camelbak (can’t do long runs without either of them)
    Motivational Quotes- “Ambitious goals make for outstanding achievements”—> the marathon is my abitious goal and I know it’s going to be an amazing achievement for both of us!

    Now that I have a decent base of mileage 2014 is all about strength and speed for me πŸ™‚

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