What I did over my Christmas Break

I loved the first writing assignment after vacations in school, because I got to talk about all the cool things I did, or at least the stuff I thought was cool. I’m channeling my inner 8 year old and presenting you with my Christmas break in words and pictures.

No road trip is complete without Boom Chicka Pop. Or at least not one where I’m involved.

The awesome room I enjoyed on the way up and the way back at the Renaissance in Providence, RI. It’s in the old Freemasons building, which means its super cool.

I ran & shredded at the hotel.

Day 2 of probably 10 in yoga pants. Also, Oiselle Runfinity scarf. You need one, I promise.

I ran a virtual 5k for Bobbi McCormick’s Holiday Shred. And I won entry into her New Year’s Shred (Today, 12/29 is the LAST day to sign up! You know you want to) So pumped!

Spent time with the fam. Including my newest nephew Zac. I think he might be a doll; he didn’t cry at all.

Did a puzzle with my mom. It’s the traditional “we focus on the it so we don’t kill each other” puzzle.

Tested out my new Nike Hyperwarm gear in the beautiful, but frigid 12 degree Christmas weather.

Was reminded I was an adorable kid. Yep, that was Christmas 30 years ago!

Took another frigid run, this one took a toll on my feet and ankles. Still suffering from it.

Made tie-dyed cupcakes with my nieces. They were delicious. Their ability to paint each other’s nails, however, needs some work.

Drove through a winter wonderland. If you saw Maine on the news because people were without power, the 2 inches of ice making these trees shimmer is why.

Pilgrimage to the motherland: LL Bean. I’m putting it out there, I’m a Bean snob. If you’ve never been to THE LL Bean store, you don’t really understand them. If you don’t know what that means and have shopped them, I’m judging you. em>

More treadmill running.

Ran through downtown Providence and took tons of fun pictures.

Rhode Island Statehouse


My final road trip outfit. Nothing better to sit in a car for 8 hours in than Athleta and Oiselle

What did you do this week?
Do you run when you travel?
What’s your go-to travel snack?

5 thoughts on “What I did over my Christmas Break

  1. I have that navy runfinity scarf! Not much use for it here, but I love it anyway (I’ve discovered it’s an awesome nursing cover, haha).

    One of my besties is from Maine, but lives here now, and as she says, “It’s not Christmas unless we’re in Maine.” She sent me a text about the power loss (eek) and a bunch of scary, icy trees and sidewalks. In turn, I texted her our weather report of 8o degree days because I am very sweet that way. One year she got a really funny moose rocker for her kids from THE Bean store.

    Looks like you had fun! I’m off to learn about this shred thing now. Happy New Year!

  2. Carol Ann S

    “Motherland” ha…ha… that’s a great name for it. I love L.L. Bean have been to there “Motherstore” often. So happy they just opened a store in our local mall in NJ.

    1. I’ve heard that’s a really good race. It was a fun place to get a run in… I love running in places that have historical significance. It makes running even more fun!

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