You’ve got 2 days left, how will you spend them?

Although I’m back in Philly, I’m still on vacation until Thursday. So what am I spending my last 2 days of 2013 doing? If you guessed running, you’re right, at least partially.

My plans for the next couple of days are setting me up to be successful in a few of my goals in 2014, both personally and running.

Testing a new fitness concept. There’s a good chance while you’re reading this, I’m having my butt whipped into shape at Unite Fitness. Unite works on a Heart Muscle Mind philosophy, which is an integrated training approach that combines the right ratio of cardio, strength and yoga to push your body to new limits. I’m doing my trial day with them, and will evaluate whether this is the right thing to take my own training to new places. I did a cross-train run with them this summer, and it was awesome, so I’m excited to see what a full class does to me.

Running with Young Involved Philadelphia. Usually, YiP’s run group is on Tuesdays, so I can never make it. But the destination for this run will be closed later in January when they would normally do the run, so they moved it up. Yay me.

Getting organized. My apartment is once again a disaster area. I’m putting in some time and energy to get things lined up so I can start 2014 feeling like I’m home.
A haircut. Hey, I didn’t say it was all awesome. And apparently it’s been almost 6 months since I got my hair cut. As a warning, I tend to do crazy things with my hair in situations like this. Last year, I cut 6 inches off and dyed it red.
Attending & Running the Philly Midnight Run and Party. Maureen agreed to do this with me, and it’s exactly (okay, preferably the party would not be at a bar like McFadden’s but I’ll live) what I’m looking to do to kick 2013 out the door and welcome 2014. Ridiculous running attire. A few drinks. A 5k. Love it.
Finishing my 2014 Goal Setting. I’ve got a lot of personal and running goals for next year, and need to go to a coffee shop and write my plans down. Ooh I need a new journal. I like really writing goals out by hand, and I have a training journal but need a goal journal.
Start packing for WDW Marathon. 13 days away. This is nuts.

What are your plans for the last few days?
Have you finished your 2014 goals?
What are your big New Year’s Eve plans?

15 thoughts on “You’ve got 2 days left, how will you spend them?

  1. So excited that your marathon is just around the corner! I cannot wait to read all about it. I have off these 2 weeks with the exception of today and I have really been taking the time to organize everything at home. A lot of times things just land in the most convenient place so in 2014 everything must find a home in my abode or it gets donated! If you are looking for a journal/planner, I highly recommend Erin Condren’s Life Planner. It is fabulous and fun and I really love writing in it. I have a coupon code if you are interested.

    As for my 2014 goals, I’m working on that blog post right now. 🙂 And no plans for new year’s eve other than grabbing some sushi, watching Ryan Seacrest, and drinking wine out of my plastic, light up wine glass…er, cup.

    1. I can’t believe its almost here! It feels like a lifetime ago I started training.

      I’ve heard the Erin Condren planners are wonderful, but I found this amazing goals & intention journal with little ideas and questions, and quotes, all through it. It was perfect timing so I went to a coffee shop and wrote everything out, SMART style this afternoon.

      Light up wine glass?! Pictures please!

  2. kristenk

    It’s so cool you’re doing that run! I thought about it but my non-running husband said no since it’s the only time our friends all come out to visit and they probably don’t want to watch me run 🙂 I definitely had to agree with that one! Good luck!

  3. I wont be doing anything special for these last 2 days of 2013. I am ready for the new year!! I don’t make resolutions because they just set yourself up for failure throughout the year! Happy New Year!!

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