Happy New Year: Some Thoughts

My 2014 Goals post is coming tomorrow in connection with the Philadelphia Runner Resolution Run with Nike.

Yesterday I had some thoughts about the the New Year and decided to share. Yesterday, I saw dozens of quotes about 2014 being a new book. This bothers me. You can’t disregard the years prior, you can only use it wisely, which prompted me to post this on Instagram:


And then, after seeing far too many diet commercials and people posting on Facebook about their resolutions to lose weight, I posted this on my personal Facebook page:


And finally, I started 2014 in a way I could never have imagined: I ran a midnight 5k!

Maureen and I before the race, inside where it was warm

More to come on the experience, but in short, I loved knowing that instead of drinking and eating until I wanted to sleep, I was pushing my body. It was technically my first timed 5k, so I was excited to run it hard and see what I could do.

And now I’m off to my second class at Unite Fitness. Although I’m exhausted, and still sore from Monday’s class, I love that in the span of 12 hours I’m doing lots of positive things for my body and my health. Not your typical New Year’s experience.

Here’s to making 2014 the year of improvement!

What’s your take on the New Year?
How did you celebrate?
Are you doing any New Year’s races?

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Some Thoughts

  1. Awesome attitude! I agree with you that the only way to move forward is to build off the past. I’ve had the same resolution for 3 years to qualify for Boston and each year that resolution stays on my list and I continue to make improvements and adjustments in order to meet that goal. Way to spend New Years being active I think this is something I might consider next year. This year I did tables with some friends at a lounge and was a fun way to ring in the new year. Happy New Year girl!

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