Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Testing my Tolerance & our ChallengeLoop Winner

After my experience with the Summer Run Streak, I didn’t even question doing the holiday version of it. Okay, maybe I questioned it for a day, since the streak ended only 2 weeks before my marathon.

But I committed, and Karen and I partnered up with a ChallengeLoop to get others involved with it. I loved this part of it, because it gave us all an opportunity to commiserate, cheer each other on, and, for me, it got friends from different parts of my life together in one challenge.

This Streak, however, was much more difficult due to the time of year.


There were several occasions where I had to do a late run on the treadmill after a party or dinner out. I ran 14 miles in the middle of a blizzard. I ran while sick, which made me even more sick. I did a lot of 1-2 mile runs, as well as a few 20 milers. I ran on treadmills, ice, snow, trails, sidewalks, and streets. I ran alone, with partners, and even in groups. I ran races, I struggled through short miles, but in the end, I just ran. I was tested on my cold tolerance, my determination, and my sanity. But I did it, and each of these difficult things I put myself through shows me that I’m stronger than I believe.

As I kept track of my mileage, I realized I was very close to my mileage from the Summer Streak, and wanted to beat it. So I made sure my final runs on New Year’s Day pushed me over the mile marker.

I ended the Streak with 116 miles, and hit my goal of over 100 miles in December alone. It wasn’t easy, and my speed never got to the point it did over the summer, but during marathon training, I’m okay with that. I’m excited that I made it, I got the miles in, and am now enjoying taper until Disney.

So who won the ChallengeLoop, you may ask?

Erin is training for her first half-marathon at the Princess Half-Marathon at DisneyWorld in February. I’m so excited that she completed the challenge and even more excited to see her grow to love running. 😊 Congratulations, Erin!

Did you Streak, if you did, how did it go?
Did you venture out in any crazy weather this holiday to get a run in?
When’s your first 2014 race?

12 thoughts on “Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Testing my Tolerance & our ChallengeLoop Winner

  1. kristenk

    Awesome post! I sadly signed up for your challenge and then kept forgetting to post about my daily runs, so even though I finished the streak I totally failed on completing your challenge. I’m glad the winner is a fellow Disney Princess Half runner! Great job on your milage!

  2. I did the summer streak, but opted against the holiday streak since my marathon was kinda right in the middle of it. I think I’ll give the swap another shot during the summer, though.

    I’ve only got 2 races on the books right now in 2014 – a half in April and a full in Nov.

    1. I found it was a great way to keep running during the summer. It started a few weeks after my spring half and ended a few weeks before my summer half. It also helped me get faster. I’ll definitely do it again this summer.

  3. Wheeeee, congrats! I think it’s awesome that you did this during your marathon training.

    Crazy weather…I mean, one day I ran and it was 42 degrees. That is pretty crazy for Florida. πŸ˜‰ It’s cooler today, so I hope it’s like this for you next weekend!

    1. Thanks! It seems pretty nuts that I did, but it was also a good way to add mileage for the last 6 weeks, and it worked. Hopefully my legs will be happy next weekend.

      About the weather… It looks like its going to be crazy hot. Like 80’s. Can you do something about that?

      1. Well, I’ve seen Frozen twice, so I know I thing or two about cold weather. I put on a sexy gown, sing like a broadway star and just…point my hands toward the sky. And voila; snow! Or an ice skating rink. I’ll practice.

        I seriously did a double take when I saw that you were streaking! I think it means you’re a badass. You’re going to rock that marathon.

        OH and I’m going to be at Disney on Sunday. I want to find you and give you a high five! Are you going to the park after the race or are you napping? (I would totally be napping I think.)

      2. Oooh yay! Yes we have to meet up! I always want to nap but never can, although I have no idea how I’ll feel after running that far in weather that hot. I’ll send you my number and hopefully we can meet up πŸ™‚

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