10 Reasons Why I’m Excited about #WDWMarathon

This week, my fellow bloggers have shared awesome posts about packing for Disney, playlists for Disney, making it through Disney, and about 400 other things at Disney. All of them get me more excited!

This will probably be one of at least 4 of my own Disney-related posts. In grad school I wrote Top Ten articles for our magazine every week… Me and David Letterman. It’s our thing.

Top Ten Reasons I’m Excited for the Walt Disney World Marathon presented by Cigna

10) I haven’t seen the new Fantasy Land yet. I love castles. It’s going to be amazing.

9) I will get to see probably dozens (potentially hundreds) of people I used to work with, but haven’t seen since I left Hartford. I’m most excited to see my friend Michael who is running Dopey, and my old assistant who is running her 6th Disney half marathon. I’m also pumped because I heard our CEO is running the Goofy.

8) This will be my first race with family there. My dad and step-mom live outside Orlando, and as a Father’s Day gift last year (since I had just decided to do the full) I got them ChEar Squad tickets.

7) Karen and I have awesome costumes that we will reveal to you later this week. We are going to look awesome.

6) Getting to meet so many Twitter/blog friends! I feel like my biggest potential challenge for the weekend is not running around meeting up with people and resting my legs like I should.

5) Getting away from negative temperatures. While I’m excited that the negative temps have cut Amtrak schedules so I didn’t have to go to Baltimore today, I escaped Maine at age 18 to get away from this crap.

4) I feel like I’ve been training for this for a year. I’m excited to put all that training to use!

3) runDisney races are so much fun. It’s hard not to get excited when you see every Disney character you love along the route. Except Pooh Bear. In 2012, I had to go find him at the Magic Kingdom. And then he and Tigger fought over me, then danced with me. It was the best.

2) Tofutti milkshakes. Enough said.

1) I get to experience and finish my first full marathon with my BRF, Karen. I cannot believe a year ago, we didn’t even know each other, and now, I can’t imagine more than a week or two without running with her.


Are you running at WDW Marathon weekend?
What are you most excited about?
Favorite Disney character?

7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m Excited about #WDWMarathon

  1. This is so, so exciting! I’m so pumped that you’re running your first 26.2 and cannot WAIT to read all about it! I’ve never run a Disney race but I’m sure it’s a blast. I’m not sure if I really have a favorite Disney character although it used to be Eeyore. I just loved the way his tail would fall off. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Right now I’m worried because my chest pull still makes it hurt to breathe deeply. But I keep reminding myself, I’ve got 5 days. I need to be patient 🙂

    1. I love that you’re stalking us 🙂

      Tofutti is soy based ice cream. Disney restaurants have it and will make me milkshakes. It was a happy discovery for someone who can’t eat dairy and randomly misses milkshakes.

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