I cannot say it enough. Thank you!

As I prepare to curl up and try to get a good night of sleep before getting up at a time others in the hotel will be just coming home, I’m catching up on all of the amazing support from everyone. And, I’m sure you’re not surprised, I’m tearing up.

I cannot begin to describe the level of sheer amazingness that the running community contains. Combined with friends and family who are sending support from around the world, I’m completely overwhelmed.

I am beyond excited about running my first marathon, and to do it with Karen, still seems like a bit of a dream. I’ve decided to try, as long as I can, to think of this as just another long run, only this time, there’s a big running group with us.

We have nothing to be nervous about. We trained well, we’re not trying to run for time, and it’s supposed to be great weather. Finishing is winning for us!

So while I’m out living the dream (who dreams of running for 5+ hours?!) I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! To everyone who’s provided advice, encouragement, tips, hugs, tweets, likes, and comments. Each one of you is out there with me (some of you literally), and I couldn’t be doing it without you.

Since I can’t come hug each and every one of you, here’s a virtual hug.

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