I’ve already been to Disney World, so what’s next?!

After finally writing my WDW Marathon recap (which was pretty sad, sorry guys) I decided to take a look at the calendar. I’ve got 2 races coming up faster than I thought! Hurray, bring on training again πŸ˜‹

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
I’ve got just under 11 weeks until this race. I have a big goal for this race, but mostly because it will be a test run for my big Spring goal. I’m excited about this race for a number of reasons, but mostly because when I lived in DC, I didn’t really run. I cannot wait to run in a city that will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Pittsburgh Half Marathon
I’ve got just under 15 weeks until my next half marathon. This race is huge for me. I ran it as my first half-marathon 5 years ago, only a few weeks before graduating from business school. Until last fall, that race was my PR. I have big expectations for this race, which is why I’m putting a ton of effort into strength training, in addition to lots of hills and speed work. Because I somehow forgot that the course elevation looks like this:

You are seeing mile 12 correctly. Thankfully, it’s still not massive elevation, it just is compared with the rest of the course.

I’m excited, and ready to get running. But, I’m giving myself another couple of weeks to do some heart rate training, hoping to get a bit more efficient with my running, before going hard at training, as well as putting in serious time at Unite Fitness to build total body strength.

What races do you have coming up?
Have you ever gone back to run your first race?
Heart rate training advice?

14 thoughts on “I’ve already been to Disney World, so what’s next?!

  1. Andrea

    Just discovered your blog through Instagram! I love reading about others running/training plans, I’ll be running the full in Pittsburgh, my first full marathon, excited and scarsd at the sand time!

  2. Yay! Look at you, jumping right back in. I love sentimental races. My first half was Wine & Dine in 2011 and it was my first half post-baby Jack too. (and my times were like, 13 seconds apart) I will probably return in the future, but not this year.

    Let’s work on our speed together! We should discuss because it’s sounds like you have a plan and I do not.

    Cherry Blossom 10 miler sounds lovely. I think they’ll be gone by the time we get up there for Nike…(maybe?)

  3. kristenk

    Good luck with your upcoming races! I went to college at Pitt and yeah, that is a hilly city! You’re brave for attempting a race there!

    1. I went to grad school there! It’s where I really started running. I ran through Oakland and Shadyside all through my final semester.

      I just need to remember I’ve done it before. I can handle it. And thankfully, there’s a big hill (Strawberry Mansion) near boathouse row that I can add to the end of most of my runs. If I train with late hills, I can handle late hills πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Strong chance I’ll be at Cherry Blossom (via bib transfer). My big race is the Shamrock Half in mid-March. Looking for 10+ minute PR there. I’m a little nervous about the pacing in my training plan for it. I have some VERY quick long runs ahead of me!

    1. Yay! I’d love to see you again!

      And id also have a 10 min + half PR goal, although depending on how training goes, I may wait till fall for that. We’ll see 😊

      1. Me too! It’ll be my first. I’ve spectated it a couple years ago and it looked like so much fun (although it was really cold that year). Hope the weather cooperates so we have some lovely blossoms on the route.

  5. ari @ whatarisaid

    Oooh that cherry blossom run sounds like it will be beautiful! And whoa mile 12 for that other race looks scary lol!

    No races yet for me, guess it depends on where I’m living in the fall… πŸ™‚

    1. The Cherry Blossom race should be gorgeous, but it all depends on the weather. Sometimes they blossom early or late, or get destroyed by rain. Fingers crossed though 😊

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