Are you running from something?

A couple of months ago, some of the executives at work were harassing me about my running. I keep a race countdown on my office whiteboard, whenever they asked what I was doing that weekend my answer was either running or racing.

I’ve been pretty open on here that while I’ve run for about 5 years, last year I learned to love it. It became part of me; its part of of how I define myself. Part of what drove me to that point last year was a combination of massive changes in my personal life.

So when one of them jokingly asked what I was running from, it got me thinking. What am I running from?

– I’m running from being a slightly overweight kid to a very overweight young adult, to a borderline overweight runner.

– I’m running from being scared that I took big risks with my life last year, and I’m still not sure they were right.

– I’m running because if I run, I’m not just sitting at home.

– I’m running because when I run, I’m happy.

– I’m running because I’ve found a community with friends (both in person and through social media/blogs) who turn to running for their own reasons.

– Most of all, I run because running is a way to test my body, improve my health, and cleanse my soul.

So what if I’m running from something, I’m running. And isn’t that all that matters?

What are you running from?
How would you have responded?
How do you describe your relationship with running?

12 thoughts on “Are you running from something?

  1. what a neat concept. i have never thought of it like this!! thanks for sharing!! I am running because it’s me. I have done it since I could walk and it has always been an important piece of my life!! I am running for health and to stay healthy as well. I just love it.

  2. My relationship with running is definitely love/hate. Right now, I’m in love and have re-entered the honeymoon stage.

    Like you, I’m running from being unhealthy and overweight. While I’m still considered overweight, I’m FAR from unhealthy. And, I’ve learned SO much about myself through running.

  3. Great post (as usual), Cyanne! I think mine is a combination of running from things like a previous unhealthy body image, the day to day crazy in life, and from my deep rooted fear of failure. I run TO being in great physical shape, my goals, and mental sanity.

  4. Megan B

    I run from my past. After having my second son I was horribly overweight. I went on WW and lost 80lbs. In the beginning, I started going on long walks. Eventually I started C25K and haven’t looked back since. I’m definitely not a runner in looks but my heart says I’m a runner. I’m not fast nor am I an overall great athlete but I have spirit and push myself to try to get better, whether that be speed or distance. Running now represents a big part of my life and I love showing my kids a positive way to stay in shape. So I guess in a way I’m running from getting to be overweight again as well as running toward becoming better at what I can do.

    1. I love both of your thoughts.

      Some days you might run from something, others you might be running toward something. Either way, you’re doing something positive 😊

  5. jenereesa

    I need to be in constant motion and while some might run from their thoughts, running helps me FIND my thoughts. So really, I run from boredom and also from being too tuned out.

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