How Different my Life Would Be

A year ago, while everyone else was putting in final preparations for their Super Bowl parties, I was headed to the JFK trying to comprehend the new reality that awaited me. Literally, everything I’d known had changed in the month prior, and that day I said goodbye to what I had expected to be my future.

This week, I’ve thought about how different my life would be if nothing had changed that day. How much of what I’ve done this year would not have happened? In reality, a lot, although I would have still ended up in Philly, I’ve learned, but the person I am today, is not the person who hopped that plane a crying mess.

RunStretchGo would not exist. Not just the blog, or the Twitter name, but the person who is “Cyanne (RunStretchGo)” would not have emerged.

I would not consider myself a Runner. While I had gotten into running much more regularly (and had just received my first Garmin as a Christmas gift), I definitely didn’t describe myself as a runner. I was an occasional runner who really just wanted to lose weight.

I would not have run 12 races in 2013. I would have finished Rock n Roll Nashville, because I’d already signed up for it at that point, and might have run one of the Fall halfs here in Philly, but that is probably it.

I would not have met my BRF. If RunStretchGo didn’t exist, and I didn’t consider myself a runner, I would definitely not have done the Runner’s World Summer Streak, nor would I have connected with Karen. Now, I could not imagine my life without her.

I would not have so many other amazing people in my life. Without becoming a part of the running community, I’d be missing out on wonderful people like the Cookies, the ScootaDoot chicks, Emma, Adriana, Cori, Lisa, Jessica, Christine, David, Mark, Justin, Sasha and so many others. You all probably have no idea how many smiles you’ve given me, how many tears you’ve tuned into laughs, or laughs into tears (from laughing so hard).

Two Names: Bobbi & Chris. There is no way I would have run Rock n Roll Chicago, which would mean I would have never gotten to meet and know Bobbi McCormick (from In her Shoes Fitness) or Chris Heuisler (the RunWestin Concierge). Bobbi has now been training me through her Shreds for 5 months, and Chris is usually my first stop when I’m traveling and need a good running route (especially if it’s near a Westin) want thoughts on a race (especially if it’s a Rock n Roll race) or just some good running advice. They’re also two of the nicest people in the world.

My goals and dreams would be secondary. As much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, I had big goals and dreams professionally, and some moderate ones personally, even Type A Cyanne was willing to push them to the side. Now, although I’m feeling a little less sure about what they all are, my goals and dreams are front and center.

My running gear collection would be much smaller. Philly Runner would definitely not see me as often (my bank account would be a bit happier though). I would not have speed work shoes, mid-length run shoes, and certainly not have multiple pair of race shoes. I probably would still have the two fairly expensive wind proof & water proof jackets. What can I say, I still like cool stuff.

I would not have run a marathon. There is no situation where I would have trained and run a full marathon a few weeks ago. It still doesn’t sound real. Less than a month ago I ran my first marathon with Karen! Ridiculous. It never would have happened.

I would not know who I am. As tough as it has been, I’ve learned who I am this year. I’ve been able to reach new limits, set new goals, and realize what truly makes me happy. And I’ve learned to love spinach in my smoothies.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I still regularly question the decisions that led to all of this, but when I think about all of the things I would have missed, those questions are minimized. This is an AMAZING list. What would I have gained if all this hadn’t happened? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s not better.

What’s something you’ve done recently that could have altered the way your life progressed?
What’s something you do now that you didn’t do a year ago?
Who’s someone you’ve met through Twitter/the blogosphere that you couldn’t imagine not knowing?

14 thoughts on “How Different my Life Would Be

  1. I love life for this very post. So much can happen based on one circumstance in life and many times it’s a lot of awesome stuff. You have had a great year finding yourself, that’s truly priceless. So glad to know you! I often think about why I keep this social media stuff up, like really why – it’s hard not to when I’ve gotten connected to people that make such an impact on our lives. ❤️

  2. Mark Varner

    Very nice heartfelt post! You have come so far in your running this past year & had done an amazing job in your races. You completed your first marathon which is an awesome feat congratulations! Good luck in all of your races this year as you will get faster & stronger. Glad that I decided to follow you on twitter & yea for lots of running shoes & gear!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we “met” through social media/blogging. I am so proud of everything you’ve accomplished! You are a rockstar and I cannot wait to see what you’re going to SMASH this year! xxx

  4. kristenk

    Great post! If I had never started running, I wouldn’t have started blogging and met all of you awesome people! It’s crazy how something can change your life so much!

  5. This is a beautiful post. So raw and real. It’s amazing how one choice or event can impact life so significantly. You should be proud of all that you’ve accomplished in the last year…and where it’s taken you. I’m sure you never anticipated that when you were at JFK last year but life works in funny ways. Small sidebar-I believe it’s a right of passage for every girl to board a plane in tears. Mine was this past September, 4 days before my birthday. Sucktastic!
    My own running story isn’t all that dissimilar-amazing the confidence it brings, the friendships you make and metaphysical benefits you feel. I made some phenomenal friends training for Marine Corps. Lisa, Danielle and I kept each other company on long training a runs via text and I was forever grateful to have buddies on race day. And I’m so grateful to have met Megan who has become a fantastic friend. I can’t really imagine my life without them and others (like you!) that get my crazy running obsession.
    And in closing to probably the longest blog comment ever, here’s my story!

  6. Megan B.

    I love this post! I play the “what if” game all the time. It’s amazing to think how different our lives might be if you had changed even just one decision. My selfish side wishes you were still in Htfd though! I could envision us being friends IRL! I really enjoy your blog posts, IG pics and tweets. I think back to a year ago and I hadn’t even run further than 4 miles. Now I consider myself a runner and am happy to say that I’ve run a half marathon and am looking forward to my next one!

  7. This was really nicely said. Sometimes you don’t know til you try! I need more info on this different shoe for different running……see, I just learned something from you! I am so very glad to know you and call you a cyber friend!

  8. This is a beautiful post! Its often difficult to imagine how different life could be if we hadn’t made a couple of choices, like blogging or running. I’m coming up on my blogiversary next month and now I can’t imagine my life without it, or the social media outlets its opened me up to.

  9. Beatuifully written post! It’s amazing where running, blogging, life can take you. I’m sure a year ago you could have never imagined all of the amazing things that would happen in a year. Sometimes you have to lose part of who you were (or what was in your life at the time) to become who you are (fabulous/wonderful/awesome bada$$ runner/blogger/ cooking extraordinaire). I know it wasn’t easy but it’s been an amazing year for you! I’m super proud of all you have accomplished. I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next! xo

  10. ranchcookie

    I love this post! It is so true! Things we do in life can impact it so much and it’s so cool to get to read your journey and inspiring!

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