Wellbeing Wednesday: Making Time

On a fairly regular basis I hear people say they’d run or workout if they had time. I’ve been guilty of saying it on more than one occasion. There are days, like today, when I was at work for 12 hours. I wasn’t working from home, so I couldn’t a quick HIIT workout between meetings, or sneak in a run before starting my day.

This morning, in the elevator up to my office (they lock the up on the stairs, so don’t judge me), the little info screen gave a great piece of advice:

If you don’t feel like you have enough time in your day, write down everything you spend time doing in a day, and reprioritize away from “time sucks”.

It specifically called out things like Facebook & Pinterest, which can take hours out of your day without realizing it. I’m afraid of what my day would look like, but in reality, if I’m tracking my steps and my calories, why wouldn’t I track my time? I always feel like I don’t have time for everything, and my workouts often get priority over everything else, so I’m going to try to reprioritize my weekends, at the very least, to ensure I’m getting every minute to do what I need to do, rather than wondering what happened to the day.

I already do a number of things to keep my weekdays as utilized as I can. Here are some of my time maximizing tips:
Weekly food prep. Even if you only make 1 meal and snacks for each day during the week, you’ll find up to an hour of extra time each day. Extra tip: stock up on small baggies or Tupperware containers and separate nuts and other snacks into correct portions as soon as you buy them. Then, they’re all set to throw into a lunch bag, your purse, or luggage for a trip at any time.
Make a schedule. Schedule your workouts like you schedule meetings, and do them at a time that you can make work. Early mornings are tough, but tend to be less difficult to skip because something comes up. Join a gym, hire a trainer, or go to classes that force you to sign up with a strict cancellation policy. You’ll be less tempted to skip if you’ll be charged for it. Extra tip: Apps like GymPact allow you to basically bet on doing your workouts. Get paid to workout. Sounds great!
Be prepared. Lay your workout gear out the night before , or pack your gym back the night before, and out it where you can see it. Having it there, and knowing it’s there is helpful to making it happen. Extra tip: Instead of a bedside alarm clock, use your phone and plug it in across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. If you’re already up, you’ll probably stay up.
Write it down. In addition to tracking your workouts, regularly write down why you’re doing it. Whether it’s stress relief, overall health, or to look good at the beach this summer, a regular reminder will help you stick with it, no matter what. Extra tip: Find something that also makes you happy to write it in. I’ve got this amazing goals journal that I love sitting down and reflecting in. Others love their planners or keep a typed journal. But find one that you love and works for you.

Do you ever use the “I don’t have time” excuse?
What’s your best time saving tip?
What’s your best “stick to it no matter what” tip?

4 thoughts on “Wellbeing Wednesday: Making Time

  1. I struggle with time as well. I reflected on my day yesterday…I had a fantastic but exhausting day at work and got home around 6pm. I went home to change, let the dog out, etc. and found myself not getting to a treadmill at the gym until about 7pm. The gym is about 10 minutes from my house so what the heck did I do that took me 50 minutes to get ready?! It’s crazy how time can just slip away. I’ve been trying really hard to maintain my balance between work, running/exercise, social and my own personal hobbies/projects. It’s always a bit of a juggling act but I’m proud of the way I’ve been doing in 2014.

  2. I always try and find room for a run. I know that if I get my run in, I’ll be happier, and more focused on my work. It drives me nuts when people make the backhanded comments about “I just don’t have time to take away from my family to run”. Ugh!

  3. Great post. I just wrote about feeling like I am always in a rush and these are some easy tips to prioritize my workouts/running. For me, personally, I find that I am most likely to stick to it when I come home and go straight to a yoga class or get outside to run. I always feel better post workout. I need to remember that feeling when I’m making excuses.

  4. ranchcookie

    I am one of those rare people who pretty much never use that excuse because I love my workouts, its one of my favorite parts of my day. Best time saving tip is to write down your workout beforehand. I make a weekly journal every sunday of what my workouts will look like when I get to the gym each day (you can always change an exercise or move when you get there), but having a plan kind of like a class makes it easy to just get up and do it. My best stick to it tip is hype yourself up about it, get excited about the progress you’ll make, this is what makes me excited and never dreading to go to the gym.

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