You heard it here: I’m a data dork and zombie.

A few weeks ago, I got a FitBit Flex. I’m terrible about being active on my rest days, and I’m known for barely moving off the couch some Saturdays.

I’m also continuing to struggle with taking off some extra weight, and linking it with MyFitnessPal seemed like a good way to help kick start things.

As a kid I was a huge math/science person. My dad was a physics and chemistry teacher, and I thought he was just about the smartest person in the world. At age 7, I could list off, in order of when they were discovered, the planets and their moons. I knew the proper names of the stars that made up well known constellations before I was 10. I won my 6th grade regional science fair testing reaction times under different chemical enhances (sugar and caffeine).

I was probably the dorkiest head cheerleader and pageant queen in history. But by college, I’d decided I needed to do something different, decided political theory, English lit, and politics were going to carry me through.

Eventually, I knew I had to embrace my inner dork, and went to grad school at a school known for producing “quant jockeys”. While I don’t spend my days running numbers, I still get excited about finding patterns or making connections.

Cue FitBit. I’ve LOVED this thing. While I’ve been preoccupied this week, usually I’m walking around my apartment before bed to get to the next round thousand. I’m checking my friends list to make sure I’m beating most of them.

But the most interesting thing to me has been the sleep tracker. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been tired. No matter how much I sleep, I’m never fully refreshed. And I now understand why:

I had no idea I’m usually living on 4-5 hours of sleep. No wonder I’m always freaking exhausted.

Starting tonight I’m trying some new things, like no screens near my bed, and turning off the TV a little earlier each night. And really trying to get my runs in before work in the morning so I really am exhausted at bedtime each night.

What’s your school-age secret?
Do you use a tracker of any sort?
How do you sleep? Any tips from good sleepers?

10 thoughts on “You heard it here: I’m a data dork and zombie.

  1. BethC

    I think that being monitored while sleeping would make me less likely to sleep well! Sleep performance anxiety…although I usually love data. Here is what I have found related to sleep: The more fit I get, the more exercise I need to sleep well. It can be up to an hour of HARD exercise a day and must be at least 50% cardio. I can’t drink caffeine after noon – not even a sip. And when I’m really struggling to unplug, I turn out the lights in my room and do 10-15 minutes of yoga/meditation before bed. I find that it really helps me turn my mind off. Also, the obvious – make sure electronics aren’t emitting any light. I try to maximize my quality sleep because my toddler still wakes me up during the night periodically – so I really need to take advantage of the time I am sleeping, as we all do. I meant to comment on this earlier but just finally got around to it….good luck!

  2. I still don’t understand how the FitBit tracks sleep. I have friends that use it and they’re like “it just does.” I think I would be interested in getting the FitBit just for the sleep tracking portion.

  3. This is one of the reasons that I would be nervous about a device like this. I’m guilty of all of the ‘don’ts’ about sleep. I got SUPER diligent about quality rest before Marine Corps and it made such a difference. I probably need to work on those things all the time…

  4. I’m such a data dork too. Huge nerd right here. I’ve resisted getting a fitbit or anything because I know I will get to into the numbers! I didn’t realize you could track sleep with them as well. That would be really interesting to see.

  5. Carol Ann S

    I love the FitBit and right now am wearing both the Force and the One. Doing a comaprison study, guess I am a data dork as well! Agree that the sleep function was an eye-opener.

  6. kristenk

    Whoa that’s crazy! I seriously should start tracking my sleep. I notice that when I’m tired I grind my teeth, and the less sleep I get at night the more I grind my teeth in my sleep. It’s been out of control lately and it’s making me realize that I need to get to bed earlier!

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