Singles Awareness Day Tips

As a kid I LOVED Valentine’s Day. My dad would always have senior boys bring my flowers to me at school (he taught high school chemistry and physics), which made me smile, because they were always the cute ones. I loved getting chocolate and flowers from whoever I was “going out with” and remember breaking a few hearts because I got a better offer. Probably explains the bad date karma I have now.

After college, my best friends in DC and I started an annual tradition of our Shoot Cupid party. Which meant, we basically did shots for hours wearing ridiculous outfits. It was the best thing for a bunch of young single people who lived in a city where you never had to drive home.

My last relationship started not long before a Valentine’s day and it started a great tradition of us not making a big deal out of it. We’d order Chinese food, play games, and only small gifts.

But now I’m 33, single, and in a new city with not many friends.

What’s a single person to do these days?!

1) Take advice from Deena Kastor (which came yesterday morning in my SmartCoach email) and do something different. Whether it’s trying a new yoga class, going to a MeetUp event, or just trying something different, like octopus salad.


2) Treat Yo-self. Book yourself a massage or mani/pedi. Buy a nice bottle of wine, a new book and bubble bath. Do some retail therapy (especially if you’ve recently been snowed or iced in. Businesses are hurting because of the weather, go spend!). Just do something that makes you happy that you might not normally do.

3) Give back! Due to the weather, there is likely a high need for blood donations on the east coast. What says Valentine’s day better than donating blood? But you could volunteer anywhere and give back to your community. My way of giving back this weekend will be attending the Philadelphia Heart Ball with others from my company, and donating to the American Heart Association.

4) Don’t dwell. This is something I have to remind myself. Don’t dwell on being single, or things that have changed in your life. If you need to, spend some time journaling about all the good things you’ve got in your life. I recently wrote about something similar, and it’s amazing how the process of writing that moved me to a new place in my happiness.

5) Wake up. Be awesome. You’re already awesome. Don’t let a corporate holiday ruin a perfectly good Friday. Oh, and stop by to get some cheap chocolate on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Singles Awareness Day Tips

  1. jenereesa

    You are awesome!!! I don’t really buy in to showing love on Valentine’s day. Show love every day and life will be that much more sweet. 🙂

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