Keeping it Real

When I read Lauren Fleshman’s Runner’s World post on keeping it real, I loved her even more. She is a crazy strong, crazy fast, mother runner, who added NYFW to her resume, and she has parts of her she isn’t fond of, and pictures of herself she wants hidden.

OMG… She’s a normal woman! It’s refreshing that someone like her would expose her own insecurities. In the blogging world, I pretty consistently feel like there are fellow bloggers who hide the not so pretty parts of their lives, which honestly makes me less interested in reading their stuff.

I’m not just a transparent blogger, I’m often probably too raw with my thoughts and feelings. I’ve shared dark thoughts, sad times, as well as my happy ones. The idea of #keepingitreal made me beyond happy. I applaud the thought of sharing the less than perfect parts of ourselves, whether in pictures, in words, or in actions.

I’ll be sharing pictures on Twitter & Instagram this week, but until then, I’m sharing the last week with you, which hasn’t been pretty.

My pictures and recipes make it seem like I eat super healthy food all the time. Completely incorrect. While I do try to eat clean most of the time, some days or weeks I fall back into old bad habits. This week was one of them.

The snow and ice has completely killed my motivation, and is turning me into a bear beefing up for hibernation. All I want to do is eat stuff I know I shouldn’t. I bought and ate candy in the airport on the way home from Nashville. I’ve skipped my workouts and runs since Monday morning. I literally sat on my couch for almost 12 hours on Thursday, except to walk to Whole Foods, buy a loaf of freshly made 7 grain bread, and peanut butter with coconut oil, which I proceeded to eat, for hours.

I had no reason to do this, but have had no will to stop. I know what I’m doing, and am ready to take my diet seriously again, but for the last week, I’ve loved it. I’ll hate it when I’m working myself into a sweaty mess at Unite this weekend, but sometimes, you just have to let yourself go through it, so you end up on the other side.

So there’s the beginning of my #keepingitreal story. Stay tuned!

Did you read Lauren’s post? Thoughts?
Do you have something you do that doesn’t align with the story you tell of yourself?
Most recent indulgence?

13 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

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  2. Its easy to only want to share the “good” parts of our lives with others, but the reality is that we don’t all live in a perfect little world where everything goes perfectly 24-7. Although I sometimes think that I’m a failure if I share on my blog that training didn’t go as planned, I know that its important to keep it real and be honest not only with myself but also those who surround me, both in person and virtually.

  3. I love that you’re keeping it real. Sometimes when I have a bad day/week I don’t share it with anyone because I’m afraid they will judge me. “Karen doesn’t like to run she likes to sit on the couch and eat all the carbs in her house” 🙂
    It’s not always easy to make the best, healthiest choices for ourselves (food, workout, emotional) but it’s nice to know I’m not alone and if we are all being honest we can be supportive too.
    I will bring some sunshine back from Florida for you 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

      1. This whole chain is hilarious. Mine is “Cyanne also binge watches TV, but did you see her meals while traveling? She’s notorious for eating entire bags of candy. That’s not what runners do”

  4. ranchcookie

    I totally just read it and it was so motivational! I loved it and plan on writing a post on what I do sometimes that is so unhealthy, I guess this is a huge message in being healthy in the first place anyways right!

    1. I read a funny quote recently that said “everything I moderation, even moderation” which I think is spot on. As normal people, there’s always going to be a reason or opportunity to veer off course a bit, it’s not doing it every time you face it that means you’re winning!

  5. jenereesa

    See, I think that weeks like this (especially with the weather) makes things extra challenging. Not saying that as an excuse but rather as an explanation because I find that I’m struggling as well. When you are landlocked within your own little world, it’s hard to make the best choices for ourselves all the time. I’m definitely dealing with a bit of seasonal affect disorder – I think everyone probably is (except for those in Florida and California!).

    I hear you about wanting to keep it real though and I appreciate reading reality more than “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME” all the time.

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