Getting back into training and my blogaversary

As I’m sure many first time marathoners do, I had visions of grandeur of taking a few weeks off, then easily starting to run just as you had before your race.

And then life happens. In this instance particular, it was cold. Polar vortex cold. Snowy (Philly is having a top 3 snowiest winter ever). And generally, not at all good for motivating running.

On top of that, work has been extremely crazy and stressful to a point that I was getting migraines daily. It was terrible. I could barely make it through a work day without needing to curl up and sleep.


My Pittsburgh Half Marathon training got pushed back by a few weeks, although I kept up my Unite Fitness classes several times a week. This week, however, I kicked training back into gear.

Due to several days of unforeseen work circumstances, I missed my tempo run mid-week, but did my 2 mile easy run faster than I was supposed to, so I kind of did both.(?)

I was determined to get my first long run in on Sunday, so I prepped on Saturday night with a great dinner.

Baked sweet potato, roasted veggies, spinach, and scrambled egg whites with Shredded Coconut Orange Chicken

Then foam rolled (which reminded me how I really need to do this more often), wore a pair of my trusty Pro Compression, and lounged in my new Yin Year Lululemon sweatpants (which are possibly the most comfortable things I’ve ever owned).

My 8 mile run was everything I needed it to be. It was sunny and warm-ish. My legs, although tired and tight, did what they were supposed to do, and while I was pushing, I didn’t feel tired while I was running.

Going into this training cycle I decided I was going to really change up my intervals, doing a 9:1 run/walk instead of the 4:1 or 3:1 I did throughout 2013. My legs are tired and sore, which is probably a function partly of that change, but since I’m aiming to have a big PR this spring, I know I have to change up my routine.


I’m extremely happy with how my training went this week, even if it wasn’t perfect. Now, to determine if my faster times are repeatable, and if that means I should make my program more aggressive.

Oh, and today is my one year blogaversary. I had every intention of making a big deal out of it, and then everyone else has done that recently, and I lost interest. Don’t worry, something fun will be coming shortly!

What have you changed in your training recently?
What’s your favorite comfy outfit?
How did you first find my blog? And how long have you been reading it?

6 thoughts on “Getting back into training and my blogaversary

  1. Megan B.

    Happy Anniversary! It’s funny because I think just about all the running blogs that I follow were having blogaversaries this week. What are the chances? I don’t have a blog, but I started running in February 2 years ago, so there must be something to this month!
    I started following your blog back in the fall sometime. I had been following Karen’s blog since summer and she often mentioned you guys being buddies so I started to follow you too! I find myself wishing you still lived in Htfd. It would have been fun to meet up and running date!
    My favorite comfy clothes are definitely yoga pants. I’m living in them most weekends.
    And the newest thing to my running is I’ve been doing lots of fartleks lately. I’ve been trying to improve my speed and finding I actually like treadmill runs when doing fartleks. Plus, lets face it….that word makes me laugh.

  2. ranchcookie

    I am between deciding to do my second half marathon so I have definitely added a ton more cardio (running in other words lol) to my training. My favorite comfy outfit is my lululemon crops and my moms osu sweat shirt! Nothing beats it!

  3. Congrats on getting back into your training. I definitely know what you mean about being unmotivated by all of the snow and terrible weather we’ve been having! It seemed like the last 2 weeks were the worst when there was just snow EVERYWHERE which made it difficult to walk outside much less run.

    I can’t remember for sure, but I think I found your blog right around the time the Runner’s World Holiday Streak started ( I was searching for other streakers and when I saw that you were a runner and that you were in Philly I followed your blog immediately! Happy Blogaversary!

  4. jenereesa

    HI! Happy blogaversary! I’m really not too sure how I found your blog but I feel like I’ve “known” you in the blogging world for a long time and I’m really grateful for it! xo

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