Wellbeing Wednesday: Gratitude

I started writing another blog post for today, and then something happened at work that made me decide I needed to focus on something else.

Backing up
I have a job that when people hear what I do, they are surprised I’m able to keep a blog and social media presence up. I have large responsibilities, and with that comes accountability and access, but because I work for a very large company, can also be extremely frustrating at times.

I’ve been with the same company since I interned for them while getting 2 master’s degrees 6 years ago, and I’ve been given the most incredible opportunities that, on paper, in no way qualified for at the time. People believed in me, gave me a chance, and I ran with it every time.

Back to Today
The world in which my business unit operates in has dramatically changed over the last 2 years, and because of that big changes have resulted in leadership and business operations. Within the last 6 months there have been dozens of moments that my own life could have changed dramatically, but it didn’t. Today, I looked back at that time and realized how whiny I’ve been about my job, when in reality, I should be grateful.

From thinkspeakpeace.com

Studies have been done that show those who regularly express gratitude are in better health because they are less stressed, sleep better, and are generally happier.

Those are all good things. They are the kind of things I could always use some help with managing. And so, I’m going to find ways to be and express gratitude everyday.

Starting today:


What are you grateful for today?
Have you had a gratitude-eliciting experience recently?
Do you have a job you love?

7 thoughts on “Wellbeing Wednesday: Gratitude

  1. I really enjoyed this post because I can empathize with a demanding job and trying to balance blog and social time. I’m lucky that my job affords me the ability to do things I enjoy (traveling, good food, etc.) and have some extravagances in life (more purses than any girl could ever need). I try to stay grateful even if the laptop tether and late night emails or calls can get draining.

    1. I’m pretty sure this reply solidified why Napa is going to be amazing! As much as I sometimes wish I had a job that allowed me to leave work, not think about it again until I arrived the next day, it would make me bored and unhappy. I love the rush I get when I get to do something amazing.

      And I do love that I can travel, buy an absurd amount of running attire, shoes (of all kinds) and handbags.

  2. I’m grateful for a job in a field I didn’t even know existed when I was job searching. And that the very small company I work for has survived the ups and downs of the past 6 years.

  3. ranchcookie

    I am grateful for my family and what my future holds. Although I am just in a temporary intern position I love my job and my supervisors and it will be a sad day when I move on!

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