Is busy a state of mind?

A quick Google search resulted in the following:


Why did you Google the word busy?
I frequently find myself describing my life as busy, often almost in competition with others. Recently there has been a lot of noise about how being busy isn’t impressive anymore, so people should learn to slow down.

But who’s to say what busy is? Based on the definition above it is a fairly subjective measurement.

Every time I talk to my mom, and some girlfriends, I get the fated “hope you can slow down and relax some this weekend”. Last week, my mom finally admitted “I’d say I hope things slowdown for you, but I know you’re happiest when you’re busy.” She’s right.

For as long as I can remember, I’m only really happy when I’ve got a ton of stuff going on. As a kid, I went from school, to Girl Scouts or practice, to dance classes, home to do homework and then to bed. As I got older the specific things changed, but the concept was the same. Over-scheduled, focused on my goals, and enjoying every second.

I didn’t realize how much of that had carried into adulthood until I found myself bored with my life and realized it was because I wasn’t busy enough. Granted, I take it too far sometimes, which is when my social media/blog life goes dark for days or a week, but overall, I’d always rather have too much on my to-do list.

Recently, though, I’ve realized that it’s as important to be busy relaxing, as it is to be just busy. My best weekends are those filled with classes at Unite, runs along the river, maybe a happy hour or something fun like Be Well Philly @ The Philadelphia Flower Show in a couple of weeks, but are also filled with Sunday meal prep, and catching up with my favorite blogs.

I’ve got lots of fun mini-racecations set for the year, but I’ve decided I need a short getaway soon. One that does allow me to disconnect a bit, and have an overly filled schedule focused on relaxing, working out and being pampered. So I’m thinking I need a quick spa getaway.

So, to people who say people like me need to stop trying to be so busy because it’s not cool anymore:


I’m not busy for you, I’m busy for me.

And did you hear? Health Your Way magazine published one of my recipes! Go check it out and make it this weekend πŸ™‚

Do you like to be busy?
Do you agree that people should stop trying to be busy?
How do you like to unwind, even if it’s scheduled?

9 thoughts on “Is busy a state of mind?

  1. I don’t like to be busy – but I don’t like to miss stuff, and I do like to achieve stuff. I think being busy is usually a means to achieve stuff, or so we trick ourselves into thinking. But not always…sometimes being busy works against achievement!

    So It’s actually the various achievements that make us happy, not the act of being busy in itself. In my opinion πŸ™‚

    1. Really good point! I don’t like being busy for no reason (hence the fact my apartment always looks like I just moved in) because if there’s something better to do than clean, I’m going to do it 😜

  2. kristenk

    This is so me! I always say I want a relaxing weekend but I really don’t. I get bored by like 10 am haha. YOLO, right? πŸ™‚

    Ps the flower show thing looks awesome! I love Be Well Philly!

  3. jenereesa

    I flourish in busy times too – don’t make me sit, stop, or rest. Okay, maybe a little rest. πŸ˜‰ But I also like doing it on my own terms – I don’t like when someone else is telling me what to do. Let me make my own busy-ness. πŸ˜‰

  4. I completely agree with all that you’ve said! I find that when I’m not over scheduled and busy that I easily get bored and border on loosing my mind. I’d much rather have a busy schedule, including scheduled time for relaxation, then not have much on my calendar at all.

    1. Yes! Scheduled relaxation is the best. I’m working on planning a mini getaway to a spa so I can do exactly that. I’ll have time to run, do yoga & other workouts, spa & pool time. But most of those things will be well planned out 😊

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