Turn the Beat Around

I hadn’t planned on posting today, but when I ran across this amazing post from Alex+Ani this morning, it was exactly what I needed to see and decided to share.


I’ve been struggling a lot with being completely stressed out, getting migraines (which are a new thing for me), and have been medicating with comfort foods instead of healthy foods. Because of this I’ve put on a few more pounds than is healthy and I decided I’m ready to take control.

As Alex+Ani said, I’m in control, and I get to change what I’m doing. So, tomorrow morning I’m starting a new DietBet. I had success with it last year as a way to get myself back on track, and I think it’s just what I need.

In addition to this I’m finally meeting with the dietician at the gym this week to get some professional help with it, as well. I know, however, most of this is squarely on me. No one can keep me from eating a cookie, or eating more carrots and hummus than I should in one sitting.

Need a little boost, join it with me! All you have to lose is 4% of your body weight.

Have you ever done a DietBet?
What’s your go-to comfort food?
Are you ready for another round of winter here in the East?

5 thoughts on “Turn the Beat Around

  1. I would do diet bet if I had weight to loose, I don’t though, so no point, but I know for some people it’s really motivating.
    Since finishing another round of whole30, I’d have to so my comfort food is cheese or yoghurt. I don’t have any interest in pasta or bread anymore.

  2. ranchcookie

    I totally feel you, I was feeling out of control with my eating habits as well, so I got help from someone and started IIFYM and I have to say was totally against it before I started but I honestly not only feel more free with my food choices, but as well as that I haven’t gone out of control with my comfort foods either! Not to mention I have way more energy and my stomach sure is thanking me 🙂

      1. ranchcookie

        haha not at all it stands for if it fits my macros. So you calculate how much protein, carbs and fat you eat a day, so if you are feeling like a cookie and it fits your macros for the day enjoy it! Obviously not everyday haha but it makes you not feel bad about having treats and I am not kidding you don’t crave bad foods or end up hungry ever!

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