Consistently Committed: My First Dietician Experience

Friday morning, I sat in a 3 hour meeting where people had brought in items for breakfast. There were massive muffins, bagels with a bevy of topping options, hummus and pita chips (apparently someone thinks this is breakfast food), and lots of coffee. I brought what remained of my apple cinnamon protein muffins, knowing I would need my mid-morning snack, anyway.

To my right was a woman who is so morbidly obese she can barely walk. She filled her plate with a little bit of everything, including 2 of my muffins, which she topped with peanut butter and jelly. As the meeting progressed, I watched her eat the whole plate, which probably totaled close to 1000 calories.

I don’t know I’ve ever had that exact experience, but I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of weak moments.

Thursday I visited Juliet Burgh, a dietician and trainer at Unite Fitness. I made a decision to make an appointment with her a few weeks ago because I needed a professional opinion as to why things hadn’t been moving in the direction I wanted them to on the scale.

We discussed my medical history, my family medical history, my non-Unite workouts and activity, and walked her through my typical day in food and beverage. We talked about my goals, my weaknesses, and after doing some calculations she told me my usual diet is exactly what she would prescribe to her clients. It has the right mix of protein, carbs and fat to fuel my body to perform how I would expect.

My issue, which in my head I knew, is consistency. My occasional bad days are just enough to send my good days off track. Hearing a professional say it was what I needed. I needed someone to say, “you’re doing the right things, but something is missing so that when go off track, you go way off track”.

So we talked about how I could keep those in check. Things like my muffins, which taste like a treat, but are healthy, or my tablespoon of dark chocolate chips in the evening, are exactly what I need to keep myself on track. Little treats that make me feel like I’m not depriving myself are the key to sticking to my clean eating plan.

She also challenged me to stick with this for 10 weeks. If I’m not where I’d like to be in terms of weight/body fat, then she’ll look to refer me to a doctor who will run tests to see if there’s something else going on internally that could be keeping me from moving forward.

All in all, I was beyond pleased with my experience, and highly suggest everyone who has goals they are trying to meet, whether weight, speed, strength, to find a registered dietician and have an eating assessment done. Know your goals, be willing to be completely honest, and be willing to make a change in the way you fuel. In the same way using a coach can make your running improve, using a dietician can make your performance improve.

Have you ever been to a dietician?
What would your goal be to improve?
What’s your weakness?

10 thoughts on “Consistently Committed: My First Dietician Experience

  1. It must have been great to hear you’re basically doing what you should be doing. What a relief. I am with you in terms of allowing myself to go off track a little too badly when it happens. If I could get those under control, I would be so much better off.

    Good luck with the 10 week challenge! Hopefully it works and you’re where you want to be or close to it!

  2. If I never did whole30 then yes I might consider going to the dietician. However I know what foods work for me, and what don’t.
    It’s sad a frustrating when you see people like that woman in your work place. You so want to help them, but at the same time you know they wouldn’t listen. All you can hope for is that she comes to you one day for advice.

  3. I’ve had the same experience as you in many meetings. Makes me cringe and feel awful for the person involved. The worst is when you go to a meeting when the host provides nothing but unhealthy food and everyone else is chowing down around you…that’s why I wait to eat my breakfast on days when I know that the meeting fare will be like that.

  4. I am still always the only person bringing the “weird” healthy things to parties and gatherings! But, people are always intrigued to try them.
    Glad it went well. Sometimes what we think we are doing is great but professionals can set us straight.
    You have such drive, you’re going to do just great!

  5. jenereesa

    I too, wind up going off the rails more often than not. And when I do it, I go big. Eating and preparing food at home helps a lot because for some reason, when I eat out I feel like that gives me carte blanche to eat ALL THE FOOD. It does not. I just need to be consistent about making better for me choices, all the time.

    1. I’m similar with eating out, or giving myself permission on weekends or a bad day, without really thinking through what I’m doing. Im also terrible about logging inMFP when I’m off track, if I did, I’d do less of it!

    1. Oh peanut butter! I’ve been getting the Earth Balance one with coconut oil in it,which is good, but not as good to just scoop and eat, so it’s been better 🙂

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