It’s all about your outlook

Ok, so I know this seems like a pretty obvious statement, but every once in a while you need a little reminder.


The last few weeks (let’s be honest here, it’s verging on months) have been really tough for me mentally. And I’d started to find myself dreading each day, because I was tired of what I was being tested with each day. Each day had been wearing me down further, and further.

I’d be lying if I said the weather hadn’t been adding to my general blah attitude, as well.

This weekend, thanks to great weather, seeing friends, and getting nice and sweaty, it started to turn around. Monday, I had an unexpected staycation day, after fainting after having a shot on Monday morning (FYI, when they ask if you always have low blood pressure, and if you’re feeling okay, and you’re feeling a little tired & dehydrated, don’t let them shoot you full of dead organisms). So I had an extra day to get myself prepared for what I fully expected to be a terrible day yesterday, for a number of reasons.

But I decided to just deal with it. As Emma over at Be Mom Strong asked last week, I decided to #FlipIt. Rather than get worked up and heighten the issues already at hand, I decided to be super focused, super transparent, and open. It worked! I had about 3 hours of potentially terrible meetings that all ended very positively.

And then I got home from Baltimore early, and went for a run. Outside. Wearing a tank top. And crushed it. (And now I apologize to Bart Yasso for doing sprints and hills on my easy run day.)

Best Tuesday in a VERY long time.

How have you changed your outlook recently?
Did you get to enjoy nice weather in the last couple of days?
Do you read Emma’s awesome blog?

2 thoughts on “It’s all about your outlook

  1. We have enjoyed gorgeous weather the last few days and my outdoor runs have been great this week. Hello skirts, tank tops and shorts! I needed this post as I have been down about still having the “Florida crud” I brought home two weeks ago. Time to #FlipIt!

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