Schedules, Life & Training: Learning to be Flexible

I’m a person who likes to keep a schedule. Granted, I’ve become someone who can almost never be on time, but I love having a general schedule that I keep. I get up at basically the same time very day, even weekends. I am in bed around the same time every night. I eat my meals and snacks basically the same times every day.

Wow! My singleness becomes more and more valid with every post recently.

My job, unfortunately, doesn’t allow me to keep quite the same schedule with my workouts or training. Thursday, I didn’t leave the office until almost 7:30, at which time I was starving. My planned run just didn’t happen. Last night I was excited at the prospect of leaving work, and heading out for a dusk run, but by the time I got home from work 12 hours after arriving, I was exhausted.

It’s supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow and colder on Sunday before more snow (yeah, I’m serious). All I want is a nice warm run. So, even though I usually have my schedule of Unite Fitness class on Saturday, long run on Sunday, I’m switching it up.

I’m heading out for a long run tomorrow when it will be sunny, and warm, and inviting me to get moving with the hundreds of others who will be out along the Schuylkill. I’m excited about getting super sweaty, and running long.

Then Sunday I will go to Unite, hopefully for the extra long cardio class to get some speed work in, will hit the road for a short recovery run, and then get a massage at Philamassages.

There are huge positives in sticking to your schedule in absolute, but in real life, that just isn’t usually possible. So you have to flex.


Are you a usual schedule person or a on a whim person?
Saturday or Sunday long run?
Are you aching to get super sweaty on an outdoor run?

9 thoughts on “Schedules, Life & Training: Learning to be Flexible

  1. Learning to be flexible is one of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn, and some days am still trying to learn/remind myself of. I find it very difficult to go with the flow, and get super anxious when my schedule is messed with. But as you said, life happens, and everyday I’m trying to get better at going more with the flow.

  2. Oh, I am a very scheduled person. I can be flexible, but I do better when I know what’s coming next.

    Friday long run, if I can manage it 🙂 If not, Saturday.

    The weather has been pretty good for running here, so I’ve been sweating it out on the pavement already. I just want to be able to run pain-free.

    Have a great run!

  3. I have started to go with the flow. My job is having me do that too, although the hours are the same each day, the exhaustion and energy level is not there! I swear you are reading my mind today!

  4. ranchcookie

    I am such a schedule person! Especially with eating lol, it is like I have my hunger on a time clock! But I forced myself to sleep in today so I didn’t have to run in the dark and when I normally would have ate breakfast at 8 I just finished and its 9:30! I am so proud of myself because that is definitely my down fall lol.

  5. I love to keep a schedule but like you said life gets busy! I used to get upset with myself when I coulndn’t follow my training plan/ schedule but rather than beating myself up I now go with the flow and realize that it won’t be easy or perfect and I do my best.
    I am dying for a sweaty long run! I am super envious of you running along the Schuylkill in the sunshine 😉 I hope you have a beautiful day and a great run! Enjoy your massage…it sounds like the perfect Saturday!

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