Spring arrives this week, and it’s snowing?!

I grew up in Maine, back when an 18 inch snowstorm was pretty much the norm. I have years of pictures at my moms house where my parents took pictures of me against the snowbanks each year (similar to the ones where parents take pics of kids agains the doorjams).

As a kid I LOVED the snow. I’d play outside building forts, going sledding, cross-country skiing through the woods with my mom, and downhill skiing at Sugarloaf (although I was always an out of control downhill skier. I’m surprised I never broke or tore anything).

By high school, I was less fond of it, because it meant I had to shovel my car out to get to early morning practices, and often meant the roads couldn’t be traveled to see friends and the boy of the week. I still loved a good spring snow, if it meant going skiing in short sleeves.

I distinctly remember one year that a late season snow devastated me. I believe it was 1991. I was in 4th grade and we had a field trip scheduled to go to a farm that operated like it was the early 1800s. I was obsessed with this part of history, so I’d gotten an old dress, an apron, and a cool hat to wear. And the morning of the trip, April 12th (yes I remember the exact date; I told you I was devastated) we got the call that school was cancelled. I think we got almost a foot of snow. I’ve never completely forgiven winter.

It doesn’t look like the snow is going to ruin my day tomorrow, but I’m still not excited for it. Give me a week of sunny days, and I’ll remain a happy person. Otherwise, my allergy laden head is going to continue to droop.

Do you remember weird things like this from your childhood?
What are you looking forward to the most this spring?
Who raced this weekend? How did it go?!

Special shout out to Pam and Christine from We Run Disney who ROCKED their races this weekend. 2 PRs, and a BQ. Now that’s a great weekend!!!

One thought on “Spring arrives this week, and it’s snowing?!

  1. Born and raised in Maine myself, still love snow and it has everything to do with my childhood memories of big snow storms, sledding, ice skating and walking to school through the winter:) I miss Maine. Great post!!

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