Wellbeing Wednesday: The Importance of Sleep

As I type this, I’m watching the clock, and the sun, while I rub my tired eyes.

I’ve mentioned a few times before how I have a weird sleep pattern. It’s less of a weird pattern, and more just that I’m a terrible sleeper. In the last 3 months of FitBit data, it turns out, no matter how many hours I’m in bed, I’m only averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep. 4.5 hours!?!

So I thought I’d do a little reading about how that might impact me.

Mark Remy wrote an article in Runner’s World a few years ago on a study that showed the impact of”sleep loading” on runners. It turns out, it can improve your performance.

Around the same time, Matt Fitzgerald wrote about research on the impact of sleep deprivation on running. While actual performance may not change, your perception changes, and so therefore your performance changes.

Finally, as has been shown in numerous studies, last year Runner’s World reported how lack of sleep changes your eating habits. No surprise, you make worse choices. Both in terms of what kind of foods you think you should eat, and how much to consume.

After only a mere 3 hours of sleep last night (spring allergies have hit me harder than the mile 20 wall) I promised myself I’m going to bed absurdly early tonight. So while you’re watching whatever guilty pleasure show is aired on Tuesday nights, I’ll hopefully be sleeping soundly.

Are you a good sleeper?
What’s your feeling on sleep loading before races? Have you ever done it?
What’s your go-to tired comfort food?

5 thoughts on “Wellbeing Wednesday: The Importance of Sleep

  1. My sleep is the first thing to get weird when I’m going through something in my life. I used to suffer from terrible insomnia, and then when my grandmother passed last fall, I slept nonstop. So my sleep is all off. Hoping to average like 5+ hours a night and I will feel great!

  2. kristenk

    Ugh. It’s after 11:00 pm as I’m reading this so I should probably go to bed, right? But seriously, I do think I need more sleep! I’ll start on that tomorrow 🙂

  3. ranchcookie

    Wow that is no fun! Luckily I am a really good sleeper, I probably get at least 7 hours a night. My go-to tired food is greek yogurt with some melty peanut butter, filling, fast, and delicious

  4. I haven’t been getting much sleep either lately. I’m interested in getting a Fit Bit to see how much I’m actually sleeping… I know I wake up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom. I’m supposed to get a sleep study because I may have sleep apnea, but I’m so scared of wearing that machine!! Hope you get some sleep ❤

  5. So sorry you are struggling with sleeping at the moment Cyanne. I sleep for 6 hours straight and then wake up…sometimes going back to sleep and sometimes just resting in my bed. My coach actually told me to sleep alot last week prior to my marathon and it definitely helped! I had no idea you could sleep load a race and just thought she wanted me well rested. Surprise surprise! I think eggs are a good comfort food.

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