Three on Thursday: Welcome Spring

I’ve decided to bring back Three on Thursday again. Mostly because it’s a pretty easy way to get a good post in 😊

Three Things that make me Happy
– PTO time. You can use a PTO day for anything. I decided when I saw my Friday was pretty open, to see if I could keep it that way. I successfully did, and am now taking tomorrow off. I just need a break. Now I get it!
– My weekly flowers. Every night when I come home, they make me smile. Every night.
– These new almond butters. Seriously. They are the best almond butter I’ve ever had.


Three Areas of Focus
– Lowering the snippity level I’ve been having. I’ve been tending to respond to people at work more sharply than I should.
– Continuing to stay consistent and strong with my nutrition.
– See my Staircase Landing post earlier this week, and sim to have less dirty dishes in my sink.

Three Accomplishments
– I’m making some big strides in my speed work. Unite Fitness is clearly having a positive impact on my running!
– I’ve lost more than 6 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks by being consistent and focused.
– I’ve made some solid “I don’t need that” decisions this week, after my performance bonus hit my bank account. This is usually when I can talk myself into anything.

What are your happy, area of focus, and accomplishments this week?

12 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Welcome Spring

  1. I love buying myself flowers. They don’t have to be fancy but they always make me smile. I cannot wait until my hydrangeas start to bloom in my yard. I clip those bad boys as fast as they bloom. 🙂
    Also re: responding sharply at work…I’ve been guilty of that too. It’s a tough cycle to break when things are stressful or particularly busy. One thing I try to do is follow-up with people if I’m been particularly prickly. It always takes a little dose of humility but it seems to go a long way. Nothing you don’t already know… 🙂
    ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF!!!!!! I love random 3 day weekends. I live for them.

    1. It’s a good combo of focus, being consistent with my nutrition, and mixing running with my cross-training classes which burn 500-800 calories a class. Also, right before I buckled down, I’d totally binged, so some of that is water weight.

    1. Thanks! I am trying to decide what “want” things I will allow myself instead of just going nuts. It’s not as tough as I thought it would be!

  2. Megan Babcock

    Way to go on all your accomplishments! How exciting for each and every one of them! I’m super jealous of your 6lb loss!! WTG!

  3. ranchcookie

    My area of focus is going to be on my nutrition test. I have had a lack of focus for school work all together so I am buckling down for the last 5 weeks and focusing on it!

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