Next Stop: Exhaustion

I have to admit that I’ve been struggling this week. Since racing under bad conditions (that I admittedly put myself in) last weekend, my body has been revolting.

I’ve been tired all week. I haven’t been able to get myself up to run in the mornings, and work has been absolutely nuts (11-12 hour days all week), so post work runs or workouts have not happened either.

This morning I had every intent on getting up and hitting the road before I had to join some conference calls and head to the airport. Without meaning to, I hit snooze for an hour! By the time I got up, I was starving, and getting in my planned tempo run isn’t happening.

As much as sticking to training plans is important, I also know that pushing my body too far when I’m completely run down is a terrible decision. It will make me resent training, and potentially ruin my form, putting me at risk for injury.

So instead, I’m throwing an extra running outfit into my luggage, and will plan to run a few easy miles this afternoon when I get to Pittsburgh, keep my planned 10 mile run tomorrow, which will lead me through a good portion of the Pittsburgh Half course.


If it all works out the way I’m planning, I’ll do speed work on Sunday when I’m back in Philly. And will be back on track.

If not, I shall sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

Do you find yourself getting to a point during training where your body just revolts?
Do you run race courses during training if you can?
What do you do when you find that you’re more tired than normal?

16 thoughts on “Next Stop: Exhaustion

  1. Sometimes you just need to take a break if you are exhausted, rather than pushing yourself and potentially getting injured. Living in Virginia Beach I run the J and A race series here, so I am fortunate to be able to run the courses of the race daily. Hope you catch up on your rest!

  2. My busiest work weeks are the hardest for workouts. It’s not easy to get out for a run or go to the gym when I get home late. I often remind myself that sometimes skipping a workout in favor of mental sanity, an evening with friends or an early bedtime can be just as beneficial as a workout. 🙂

    1. Early bedtime! My two favorite words right now. I told myself on my walk home tonight I am going to be in bed by 8:30. I have a really amazing social life 😉

  3. I think that’s the problem with generic plans, we feel compelled to follow them past the point where they are working 🙂 I finally learned over the years when I hit that oh crap point a few really easy days and a few rest days were what my body needed to absorb the work

    1. I think you’re spot on, Amanda. I listened to my body this weekend, and then had a great run yesterday morning. A few extra days of less intense training was just what I needed.

  4. I actually just blogged the other day about when my body tells me to hit the snooze button. I let it! 🙂 We all train so hard, and best believe your body will tell you when it’s donesies and needs rest. Listen. ❤

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I know a lot of people who disagree, but let’s be realistic. I run for fun. I’m not winning anything, I’m not getting sponsors. I’m doing it because it makes me happy and healthy. When it gets beyond that, it’s time for a break.

  5. I have been tired all week, it was a great race on Sunday but I ran a 10mile race the weekend before that too and I have just been blah. I managed to get a run in yesterday which felt great so I am glad I was able to rest for a couple of days. I have another race tomorrow but luckily its a 10k, and I don’t plan on running hard.

  6. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I’m basically taking this week off because I need a bit of time to bounce back after last weekend’s half. I went to the gym yesterday, fell during box jumps, and basically realized that my body still needs some recovery time. And so, easy breezy. I’ll get back to training soon so that I’m set for the Nike DC. 🙂

  7. I’ve been close to exhausted all week, since Sunday’s race also. I didn’t run again until yesterday, more due to whatever cold I brought back from DC than anything. My body just needs to fight this off instead of more training for my next half.

  8. ranchcookie

    When I find I’m more tired than normal where I’m starting to feel a sickness coming on I usually try to keep my training but I don’t run my all I take it easy !

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