Remaining #BostonStrong

After my run yesterday, I settled in to watch some shows I had DVR’d over the last week. It included the 60 Minutes episode with Shalene Flanagan, and the Today Show from April 15th.

After reading blog posts, and following so many friends who are in Boston preparing to race or cheer, I was reminded how raw the wounds still are, and yet the amazing sense of strength and excitement that remains. And as I watched the stories of heroism and strength, tears streamed down my face, just as they did last year watching history unfold.

Boston has always been a special marathon. Not just anyone can run it, and yet it winds through the everyday American streets of Boston. Thousands of Bostonians line the streets to cheer on the 30,000 runners, from Elite athletes to the charity runners, everyone gets the same rockstar experience.

After last year, Boston will never be the same, both the city and the marathon. The city has fought back and proved nothing will keep them down. They are #BostonStrong. The runners are there to prove the same thing. That’s the thing about marathon runners, they know how to set goals, and ensure nothing keeps them from reaching it, even if it has to be deferred.

Tomorrow, my heart will be in Boston, and I’ll be cheering my heart out from my desk. I’ll be following my friends, trying to avoid phone calls and visitors in my office so I can watch the elites online, and trying to keep tears at bay as each amazing person crosses that historic finish line.

Runners 💙 Boston

5 thoughts on “Remaining #BostonStrong

    1. I decided I have to be there next year. Partially because I want to support some friends who will likely be running, but also because it’s an experience I really want to have, and there’s no better time than now (or as now as something that happens once a year can).

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