Preparations have Begun

Knowing that I have exactly 2 weeks before I begin my new job in Chicago is beyond scary. It’s so fast! And is the day after my spring goal half in Pittsburgh. And the week after a crazy week two weeks of travel.

4/21 – Philly
4/22 – Baltimore
4/23 – Philly (in an 8 hour meeting)
4/24 – Baltimore
4/25-4/26 – Philly
4/27-28 – Chicago
4/29 – Baltimore
4/30 – Philly
5/1 – Baltimore
5/2 – Philly & Pittsburgh
5/3 – Pittsburgh
5/4 – Race Day in Pittsburgh, then fly to Chicago
5/5 – First day in new job, Chicago

I’m freaking out just thinking about it.

Thankfully, my company has a generous relocation package and my new boss is very flexible. I’ll be flying back and forth for a few weeks, then will likely move into temporary housing before moving into my {currently non-existent} new apartment.

This weekend I decided to dedicate to starting to prepare for two weeks of craziness and eventually having my stuff packed up.

I started to clean out my closets. Read through mail that I hadn’t opened in months. And made a massive pan of not-so-fried cauliflower and ancient grains “rice” to have dinner all week and froze some for next week too. I also did 4 loads of laundry.


I got in a couple of good training runs, which always helps me to de-stress.

10 miles below goal pace for the Pittsburgh Marathon Half in 12 days!

So, the preparation begins. And I anticipate having some running clothes to sell. Anyone interested?

How was your weekend?
What do you do to prepare for a crazy week?
Favorite bulk meal to make?

12 thoughts on “Preparations have Begun

    1. Thanks! I’m actually doing my best not to think about everything, and taking it 2 days at a time. I figure that keeps me from forgetting anything, but also keeps me from freaking out 🙂

  1. ranchcookie

    Wow that is so exciting so many new and exciting things happening in your life! Good luck with everything, especially that marathon!

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