Can we stop talking about Bikini Season? #BringBackSummer

Between the move, the new job, and just not being inspired to write, I’ve been petty quiet lately. As the unofficial start of summer hit today, I got angry, and inspired.

What is out fascination with the so-called Bikini Season? Even healthy, fit athletes and trainers have been referring to it as such all weekend, and I hate it.

I hate the fact that just because it’s now warm enough to hit the beach, you are suddenly are expected to feel comfortable in not just a bathing suit, but a bikini.


What if instead of referring to it as Bikini Season we just call it Summer again? Let’s focus on having fun, enjoying the sunshine and long days, and not make people feel miserable because they hate Bikini Season.

Being comfortable in your body is a very personal and intimate thing, and not everyone wants to parade around town in a bikini top and short shorts, regardless of their size. Some would rather feel pretty in a sundress, feel strong in a running skirt & tank covered in sweat after a mid-day run, stroll along the beach in clam diggers and an oxford, or just curl up on the couch in a pair of sweats.

So let’s bring back summer. Pure and simple. #BringBackSummer


12 thoughts on “Can we stop talking about Bikini Season? #BringBackSummer

  1. kristenk

    I love this!!!! So true! This is why I am totally loving Alaska, there is really no reason to have a bikini up here unless you own a hot tub!

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