10 things you learn when you move

As I sit watching 3 men pack up my life to put it on a truck and I’ll see it in 3 weeks, I’m thinking back on all of the things I’ve learned through moving since I left for college 15 years ago.

1) I hoard pens. I have no idea why so many pens have moved so many times with me, but I can’t physically allow myself to get rid of them. I will never use all of them.

2) Always have your TV and Internet set up to shut off the day after you move. You will miss that wireless if you have it shut off before then.

3) Movers will judge you. Accept it, and move on. Don’t feel bad because you have sheets in the dryer and clean dishes in the dishwasher. Just point them out, and make sure they get packed.

4) You will find things you didn’t even know you had. This time around it was an old framed family picture that had ended up in my underbed storage. I’m very excited to hang it in my new place!

5) You will realize you have too much stuff. The 754627 pairs of compression socks I own may be a few too many.

6) Even with too much stuff, when it’s all boxed up, it won’t feel like much. Every single time I get moved, I’m amazed how quickly they can pack up everything I own. *Sigh*

7) Your appreciation for good weather is much higher than normal. There’s nothing worse than moving in a storm (rain or snow). Also too hot or too cold can be miserable, even if someone else is packing and moving your stuff.

8) It’s the little things. All those magnets, pins, pens, jewelry, etc will be the death of you. They take up more than little things should, and take forever to get packed up.

9) If you really hate seeing things wasted, don’t watch movers pack. I’m amazed how much paper gets used. While I appreciate my things not breaking, it’s almost comical some of the things that get overly wrapped up.

10) Be grateful if a company is moving you. After moving several times with only friends to help, I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it is to not have to pack myself, move anything, and even get things set up in my new place.

Who else has learned a lot when moving?
What’s the worst thing about moving from your perspective?
Worst moving experience?

7 thoughts on “10 things you learn when you move

  1. kristenk

    Ugh yes, the pens! Why does everyone have so many of those!? I had a hard time with packing up for our move to Alaska – everything had to fit into a 6X12 trailer which was super stressful because I had to get rid of so much. The only furniture we brought was our bed! Also, I realized I have a ton of Christmas stuff for some reason!

  2. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I’m the WORST mover. Maybe that’s why we haven’t moved since we got our house 11 years ago… hmmmmm.

  3. Moving IS the worst! I moved in a hurricane a few years ago and it was awful : ( I also did not have movers, so being the “assistant lifter” was terrible! It did show me I was stronger and more resilient than I thought lol

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