My summer bucket list

A few months ago, while listening to the Hall & Oates station on Pandora, I proclaimed I was going to live this summer like 1987. I don’t specifically remember 1987, but I would have been almost 7 years old, which meant I was old enough to know how awesome summer was. I was young enough to not have a care in the world, but old enough that I could ride my bike fairly freely in our part of town (very very small town). As I’ve gotten older, the freedom and pure ecstasy of summer has diminished. Partly because I don’t get time off unless I take it off, and partly because being an adult strips you of that innocence.

So, while I plan to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life this summer, I decided building a Summer Bucket List was the way to go. I kept it large enough that there should be no weekend where I don’t have something to do, but not large enough to be overwhelming.

So here’s some highlights:
Go to at least 1 movie in the park. This should be easy, there are 2 parks with movies within 1/2 mile of my new place.
Drinks on a rooftop. There’s something magical about rooftop bars.
Spend a day at the beach. I’ve got 2 beaches within a mile of my new place, and although I have a pool, I need some sand time.
Have a hot dog. This is against everything I stand for nutritionally, but its quintessential summer food.
Do a DIY project. Moving into my new place gives me a ton of opportunity to get creative.
Spend an entire weekend TV free. I’m a TV lover, this will be hard, but fun.
Read a book in a weekend. I wanted this to be in a day, but that would stress me out.
Go yardsaling in the burbs. I haven’t been yardsaling in years. It’s a awful and awesome at the same time.
Make fresh squeezed mimosas. No explanation needed.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

10 thoughts on “My summer bucket list

  1. Girrrrrl, please go to Portillo’s and instagram every second. So delish! Also, it’s not on the clean eating plan, but Taste of Chicago is next month.

    We make a huge list every summer but at the top this year is visiting a local chocolate museum.

    1. It is on my larger list, and I already have tickets to one of each. Cubs in July (purchased at a Gala last month) and White Sox as part of a fundraising event for work in August.

  2. Visiting the seaside was on my bucket list for the summer – and I’ve done that now. Getting an amazing tan is on my list since I never tan, but the running’s helping me out!

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