I’m hitting Reset! The GPP Reset

After months of craziness, my nutrition and healthy eating has been hit hard. I will do fine for part of the day, and then fall apart.

When Bobbi reached out to past Shredders about another Summer Shred, I knew I needed in, and what I needed to do. GPP Reset. And I convinced my friend Melinda to do it with me so that we could keep each other motivated and away from the non-approved food.

For the New Year’s Shred, Bobbi had Shredders do nutritional reset that let’s your body rid itself of toxins, cravings, and learn how to actually taste food again. Because I was 2 weeks out from my first marathon, I didn’t do it, but kept the details.

So starting today, I’m on a 4 day reset fast that follows the GPP Reset. It seems a bit over the top, but I’m at a point where I need that. I need to refocus on when I’m really hungry, what a real portion looks like, feels like, and what food really tastes like again. No processing, no chemicals, no sugar.

So here’s what the next 4 days will look like:


I’m nervous, and excited. I plan to try to stay out of the house as much as possible, so I’m not tempted to snack for the first 2 days. And since I’ll be back at work on days 3 & 4, I’ll definitely need some actual food.

I’m excited to see this through, and jump into the Summer Shred ready to regain control.

2 thoughts on “I’m hitting Reset! The GPP Reset

  1. But… Chicago pizza?? 😀

    I know how you feel when you need to reset. The only problem is that you can’t possible do any workouts for 5 straight days while you’re doing something like this, and you probably won’t have much energy at all. Be careful.

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