Clarity of my Soul

Basically since finding out I was moving to Chicago, I’ve been slowly finding new reasons I’m beyond happy to be moving on, literally. But during that same time, I’ve found myself struggling with staying my usual healthy self.

Morning workouts have felt like the equivalent of being asked to run a marathon with no training, which means I’ve been not doing them. I’ve been eating fairly healthy, but have been overthinking what and when I’m eating, to the point of eating too much, and too much of certain things (read: avocado and nut butters).

This morning after my usual news shows ended, I shut off the TV, brewed some coffee and headed out to enjoy my new patio furniture. I put on iTunes Radio Singer-Songwriters channel, and caught up on email, wrote out my Extreme Shred workouts in my training journal, and made my grocery list.
As I enjoyed the fresh air, and perfect coffee, I suddenly felt calm.

My soul felt quiet, content, ready to return to normal. I realized that I’m always so worrying about what needs to be done, what I should be doing, or what show I could catch up on, that in what feels like a year, I haven’t just sat down and enjoyed what I have, what I am, and thought about what I want.

For the first time in a long time, I feel ready to really take on life again. And it starts today. Not tomorrow, not next Monday, but today.

Where do you find you do your best soul clearing?
What’s your favorite way to track your workouts?
Do you have a favorite place to have your Sunday morning coffee?

9 thoughts on “Clarity of my Soul

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I’m not quite sure how I missed this post or why it showed up in my reader today but it’s exactly what I needed to read. Thank you. xo

    1. At this point in time, it’s less about running for me. I’ve got a 5k and a 10k coming up, but am otherwise off training for races until next year. Because I often work 10-11 hour days, if I don’t get my workouts in before work, I rarely do them. If it’s near or past 8 when I get home, it’s just not happening.

  2. Funny you say this…after being crazy busy this summer and then out of town for a bit, I’ve been simply loving this weekend! I’ve given myself time to relax and indulge a bit. And I also have been focusing on getting back on track today…mostly around the house because I simply couldn’t deal anymore!

  3. Peace of mind and soul is truly one of the best feelings in the world. I find meditation twice daily to do the trick for me. I prefer to do it outside in the park, but the floor of my studio is also just fine.

    For workouts, I track my cardio by time, and for strength by repitition.

    Mmm and for Sunday morning coffee, there is a little Parisian cafe two blocks away, its were I get my morning wake up and write some of my best work.

    I enjoyed your post!


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