Motivate with Music: My Favorite Playlist Right Now

Before Zooma Napa Valley, I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a while: make a new playlist.

I wanted a playlist that would keep me excited through the whole race. I didn’t focus on my usual dance pop tunes, but threw in some fun indie and rock stuff. It worked! I love this playlist. I’ve been listening to it for runs, cross training, and just walking home from work. I love it all.

While I’ve occasionally run without music, I love running with music because the miles just tick by, while I’m singing and dancing along to the tunes (both probably have an impact on my pace 😛).

So, what’s in this playlist you ask? Here you go, my friends, here you go.





So anyone racing this weekend (and if you’re running Rock n Roll Chicago, give me a shout out!) get moving on adding these to your playlist. It is guaranteed to motivate! *

*And by guarantee, I mean, you’ll probably like it. No guarantees for anything are actually being made. I am not responsible for any charges associated with downloading these songs.

What’s on your playlist right now?
What’s you’re typical music genre for running?
Next race?

6 thoughts on “Motivate with Music: My Favorite Playlist Right Now

  1. great list. Some of those songs I don’t know so I’ll have to check them out.
    I really love my rockmyrun mixes, they are great cause I don’t have to worry about what song goes with what.
    I’ll listen to anything, all depends on my mood.
    My next race isn’t until August. A local 5km. Should be a good turn out.

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