Rock n Roll Chicago: Surprise, I’m running 16.2 miles this weekend

Last week, I happened to see this post on Facebook:


I had promised myself I was done with anything more than a 10k until next spring, but everything about this called my name. I immediately emailed the Competitor Group with my info, and waited.

A few days ago, they responded and said they’d chosen me as one of their 10 back of the pack cheerleaders! And they agreed to switch my 5k entry to the new Saturday race. So I get to run my race (Saturday) and give back in a really cool way to the running community for the half (Sunday).

I am beyond excited to be part of a race where I have no goals other than to keep people upbeat, happy, and smiling for 13.1 miles. And my own 5k goals are really to just have fun, since I haven’t trained for a PR.

I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity and thank Competitor Group for thinking about a group that is so often forgotten, those amazing back of the pack racers 😊

How do you give back to the running community?
Tips for back to back races?
Anyone else running #RnRChi this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Rock n Roll Chicago: Surprise, I’m running 16.2 miles this weekend

  1. What a wonderful opportunity! And how fantastic of them to have supporters for the back of the packers. Having just experienced what it’s like to be one aty first tri, I definitely appreciated all the cheers and support that I got from spectators and fellow competitors.

    Have a wonderful time at the race.

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