August Goals and a New Challenge

We’re a few days into August and it’s been a while since I’ve shared my goals and challenges.

I’m trying to get back on track after what feels like a year of being out of control. I am great for most of the day or most of the week. Then something always brings me down. This time, I’m focused on working hard to be healthy, not to fit in a dress, or for a beach trip.

– Work out 5 days a week
– Do yoga once a week
– Reach 84,000 steps each week
– Limit myself to1 treat a week

New Challenge
I decided to try a new kind of workout. I’ve been doing Bobbi’s Shreds for about a year, but each one includes moves that I never felt comfortable doing, and so, more often than not, I would elect not to do the workouts at all.

I decided to jump on the Beachbody bandwagon. I’m doing the PiYo challenge, with the Get Lean, eating plan to get myself back on track.

20140803-102449-37489507.jpg I’m doing a challenge group with Jillian and am excited to try something new and different. My before photos were not something to be proud of, but it’s proof of where I am today, and I own that.

I’ve set up my August workouts, which include the PiYo DVDs, some HIIT workouts to up my cardio on strength days, and teaching myself to run again.

In anticipation of starting base building training this fall, I want to build my strength for the first few miles of running again. With the lack of training I’ve been doing, I feel like I’ve lost my old running self, and am big enough to admit I need to start over.

I’m ready. I’m focused. Let’s do this.

Have you done PiYo?
What are your August goals?
Any final summer vacations this month?

9 thoughts on “August Goals and a New Challenge

    1. I LOVE it so far. I’m sore, but not so sore that I can’t move. The workouts aren’t crazy long, which is nice, and they’re easy to follow.

  1. Hey there…I kind of got off track for a while there…it feels good to have a plan and to get back at training. I’m sure you will start feeling like yourself again and hey you made these goals that says your ready to change things up! best of luck girl.

  2. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I haven’t done Beachbody but I look forward to hearing about your experiences. It confuses me a little that they have “coaches” that aren’t trainers but I suppose whatever works!

    I like your goals – they are attainable and specific. I should be more specific with mine, maybe then I’d be more accountable!

    1. I purposely am using a “Coach” that is a certified trainer and teaches group exercise classes in Philly. I’ll do updates on how I’m liking it, etc to stay accountable. And yes! Make some specific goals and we can be goal buddies!

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